Eurovision Song Contest - should we.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bangalore, May 12, 2009.

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  1. Yes - In the hope of winning it again one day

  2. Don't know - never watch it anyway

  3. Don't care - I'm down the pub when it's on

  4. No I Hate it, it's a farce, we should bin it and pull our funding

  1. Its come around to that time of year again and personally for me I think it's an absolute sham and we should pull the plug on it and our funding. Especially now Terry Wogan has gone it won't even be worth watching to hear his witty sarcastic comments.
  2. Rather like the Typhoon contract saga, I fear the Beeb has been tied into Eurovision for eternity. It would cost far more to withdraw, plus its quite a junket for those who delight in 'entertaining' us with it.

    Terry Wogan for PM?
  3. Eurovision is fcuking brilliant. I can't think of a better advert for not being in Europe. I haven't voted, because there isn't an option for "Yes, because it's so shite we should be made to watch it".

    The best thing (apart from Terry Wogan ripping the piss out of it - here's hoping Ken Bruce does as good a job) is the way the rest of europe takes it so seriously. Whereas (as far as I can work out) we tend to pick the cheesiest, blandest failed club circuit act available and send him/her/it/them off with a cheery "on yer go" towards the inevitable ritual humiliation of "Republika Serbska: Nul points!"

    Again - Fcuking brilliant. Well worth the licence fee on its own.
  4. Wogan got very bitter towards the end, going off into corners, muttering darly about the Ukranian block vote and stuff!

    Since the winner of the contest just gets stuck with the bill and having paying for it next year... and songs are all dire I say let the former Soviet bloc have it!

    We won the Cold War... let them have the Eurovision and Graham Norton and welcome :roll:
  5. daz

    daz LE

    Easy, with this slice of Finn cheese
  6. Y'know actually I think you may be right - it does bring to light what our so-called neighbours are actually like when it comes to the political vote - God only knows what it's like behind closed doors in Brussels
  7. Awsome show. Just rub it the faces of our Euro chums that they have no music industry, and never will have. Anyway theres some decent fanny on the show and I think Graham Norton will lower the show to even smutter standards than Wogan.

    bring it on
  8. Well I'm going to Sky + it as apparently this lady does a strip when the Kraut entry is on!! Mein Gott!!

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  9. I didn't say that, you horse's pancreas, I said it was chuffing brilliant. Europe has always taken it seriously, which makes it all the sweeter to watch, considering how sodding awful all of the acts are.

    I LOVE EUROVISION AND I'M NOT GAY! Not even a little bit.
  10. Ahh, Miss Deeta Von Teese. When she's not greasing up Marilyn Manson's hoop wit 240g of Lurpak, she gets really filthy. The little minx.
  11. Eurovision, like the endless ".....idol" programmes, the relentless reality TV shows, is entertainment for the pudding headed masses. It keeps them entertained and docile,detracting their miniscule attention away from matters of real importance.
    It also keeps the uninteresting buggers out of the pub
  12. I haven't bothered watching Eurovision for decades. :roll:
    I thought I'd give it a go. :wink:
    I won't bother again. :(

    When did they introduce the phone voting?
    I thought we had a panel of judges?
    Do the other countries vote according to folks phoning in?