Eurovision MOD contest - Vote now

There's no poll, dickhead.

Psst. It's Thursday.


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Can we have a competition where we nominate ARRSE threads as the latter day equivalent of Shakespeare's plays.

In which case I nominate the 'moderator' threads as "Much Ado About Nothing"



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Or, The Tempest ( in a teacup)
how about

comedy of errors

as you like it

alls well that ends well

and I tried to do something about trolls with "Troilus and Cressida"
So unhelpful...But can you tell me what my 1.5 mile run time is ?
In boots, tin hat and webbing 10.30 and in a mankini and flip flops its 10 its Friday can anyone answer the pay query??

I'm voting for Sluggy to be a future MOD on the Social and Relationships forum.

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