"Eurovision is in danger because of Eastern dominance"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Happy_Baby, May 13, 2007.

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  1. A record 15 acts come from "new Europe", countries that emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union and former Yugoslavia, including Armenia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, Romania and Russia.


  2. wow, I found that I have something in common with a Eurovision Song contestant...
  3. Do you actually give a toss?
  4. Mrs Papegojan was glued to it last night. Nearly spilt my pint when I saw the Ukraine's entry. These are a people that helped humiliate the Nazi war machine, yet they field something that makes Elton look straight! Of course there's going to be block voting. It's more a political programmme these days, but let's face it, was it ever about music?
  5. And this misbegotten EU of which we are members also has Turkey and Morocco - among others - lobbying for membership.

    What, pray, has Asia Minor and north-west Africa to do with Europe? Geograpically, culturally, historically or in religion?

    Time the UK got out. Or it all reverted to a Common Market and no more, which is what most of us voted for.

    Apols for serious political stuff in the NAFFI Bar, but it is fcuking serious, man . . . . . . . .
  6. whats with the macedonian and bosnian entrys I never saw women like that and I spent far to much time in their shitty countries not a sugar puff toothed hunchback in sight (or is that a flashback to the shot) but to be honest the serb lesbian bulldog did even it out a bit
  7. Now that Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have devolved power (Merbyon Kernow are also campaigning for the same in Cornwall), they should be allowed to represent themselves in Eurovision. The advantage of Balkanisation is that you get micro-states that fight one another but rally together when faced with outside powers. If the UK can be split into four or five separate nations and its European colonies are spun off (Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Gibraltar) - each with its own EBA member - plus add our loyal brothers and sisters in Ireland to the mix and you have a powerful Eurovision bloc that could defeat the Slav enemy. Perhaps Gordon Brown could consider ways of reforming the constitution and the administration of television networks in order to secure a winner from the British Isles in Eurovision. It's a good idea, I think.
  8. Who gives a flying fcuk??? Waste of money!

  9. The really scary thing is that the uk automatical qualify even if we come last as the british public pretty much pay for the whole bag of shoite, the little crappy republics that usually vote together cant afford to contribute to the contest and countries like spain france and germany arent that stupid, I always hope that the crappiest hole wins so the bbc can rough it in a cess pit during filming
  10. Bunch of commie b*stards with sh*te songs. Let them keep it. It's not like there going to go platinum here in the UK or the US (the main countries who more or less control the sales of loud popular music).

    Personally I thought that the UK entry was dross. Terry Wogans sarcasm keeps it going as far as I'm concerned.

    Anybody else reckon that the Serbian singer bore a remarkable likeness to some of the rough manly lady truck drivers who frequent some of today's MT hangars? I'll bet she knows her way round a bean.
  11. yea that was on the TV last night, my eyes where glued to the screen when the UK singers where given 12 points by malta ... that blonde singer was pretty damn excited bouncing up and down ....
  12. Without Terry Wogan the Eurovision's got nothing!!

    I miss Terry....!
  13. Yip, his pi55 taking seems to have been watered down considerably over the past couple of years.

    Obviously some wet tawt at the BBC, afraid of litigation from someone or other, has forced him to temper his comments.

    He was the only reason I watched - I feel a boycott coming on in future.
  14. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    That has happened for the past few years since Italy dropped out; the Maltese quite like us! :)

    I hardly ever watch the singing side of Eurovision, but always try and watch the voting side. Apart from the clannishness it is actually a very useful political litmus paper, as to what is happening in Europe, with regard to political alliences and more importantly migration trends.

    For example Germany historically always gave Turkey either 10 or 12 points, due to the migrant Turkish workers. This has now shifted, as Germany's immigrant population shift in balance.

    Cyprus gave Turkey points for the first time 3 years ago, and did not give Greece the automatic "douze" when the Israeli Transexual won.

    If you look behind the obvious then it can be quite interesting!

    Apologies for posting this in the Naafi, but then again this is bar politics!!!!!
  15. Remembered hearing similar sentiments being expressed back in 1970 when Jennifer Hosten was crowned Miss World.