Eurovision and Spain

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Pantsoff, May 25, 2012.

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  1. Now I wasn't sure if this should go in the Music forum or not however on reading the artice the Members of Arrse could bring down a country. Saddly I will not be able to vote as I am out of country.

    So you know who to vote for now.

    BBC News - 'Don't win Eurovision' Spanish entrant told
  2. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Even more fun - vote for Greece.
  3. I see the UK's austerity choices was Humperdinck, very wise.
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  4. Eurovision is not a serious contest any more it is as bent as a bent thing....

    The BBC wouldn't touch it with a barge pole the only reason they do is the sympathy they have for the left and the wider European 'project' in programming decisions and the wider political capital they can make from it.

    Even the UK entrant Humperdinck has been exploited by the BBC in their effort to make something of the host Countries human rights record! I mean WTF has it got to do with him?

    Time the whole shenanigans was consigned to history I don't just mean Eurovision!!
  5. Fairpoint but it is still a laugh and you could bring down a country for the price of a phone call- not a bad epitaph!
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  6. Does anyone actually care about Eurovision apart from Eastern Europeans?
  7. That well known European country Israel is well keen on it.
  8. On that point which bit of Europe is Azerbaijan in? It is well East the of Turkey and I always thought they called that Bridge in Istanbul the 'gateway to Asia'!
  9. You could make a comedy out of this if it hadn't already been done. It reminded me of that great Father Ted episode sending this very situation up so well :)
  10. Spain or Greece winning it would be fun!
    As for the UK, Nil points springs to mind!
  11. Definately, so how about some tactical voting? I would happily vote (never done so before mind) but do we choose Greece or Spain?

    Together we can make this happen :)

  12. It matters, but only in the financial sense. The BBC (i.e. you and me) pay massive amounts of money into Eurovision for the competition, whether we win or lose.

    The organisation is keen to involve other countires so they can line their pockets and enjoy the benefit of free hospitality it brings for them and their hundreds, or even thousands, of cohorts.

    And I think you'll find that Azerbijan (or however it's spelt) is well east of Turkey, not west.
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  13. Because he looks like one of the locals

    "Hello, have you met my Sister, she's also my wife! I paid cheap for her"

  14. I think its only fair that Spain should have a chance to host the 2013 eurovision show.
    It might just help their economy, with all those tv execs on expenses paid holiday.
    Win win I think.

  15. Actually wondered enought about that sort of thing that I looked it up.

    The eurovison song contest has notheing to do with Europe (the place) but is based on the European Broadcasting Union area which is

    So there![/SUP]