Eurovision 2008 - BBC1

Well we're off - and Terry is being even more pointed than ever, if that were possible.

Apart from a slightly uneasy feeling that it's being held in Serbia, I have to ask: what the hell was going on with the odd lesbian and the equally crazy chick in the wedding dress?
Errr....where's the part that you Britons are European?? :p
'Snot European. It's just a collection of people who are still inspired by 99 Red Balloons. Wogan gets the pleasant task of slagging it all off for hours - it's the only reason it is remotely interesting.

It looks like the irony of depicting the Sava as blood red has been lost on the Serbs.
Israel gets my political vote - oh, hang on, it's Eurovision.

Finland are getting my 'WTF?' vote.

The entries for BiH and Croatia were just plain weird, but no doubt the Former Yugoslav republics will all vote for each other...
Lovin' the pretty boy from Iceland :D
Turkish entry couldn't have been any scarier
Bosnia , mad as a box of frogs that ,
missus is disgusted with the finland heavy metal dudes , apparently its not eurovision , i said its the best one so far ,
FFS , just clocked the pirates of Latvia LOL ,LOL
Latvia - not exactly Johnny Depp is he????
You lot have make me watch Eurovision! WTF??
The Swedish chick has watched too much Shakira if you ask me.
Im just clocking all the Phillys , that heffer from Portugal was nt up to much.
Sweden yes please, but not the two blokes
Looking a bit closely with that swedish bint , she cracking on a bit , still , get it.
Missus said she fancies the Danish tit with the hat , and wouldd get it , i said crack on
OFFS what the f-ck are these b-ll ends on
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