Europop & discofox

Used to go out of my way to find those rural squaddie free shagging venues.

I was fortunate to be posted to a location miles away from any garrison. The pads lived a half hour drive away, and the nearest military unit was BMH Rinteln. The singly count numbered around around 30 and we had the surrounding area totally sewn up. All we had, apart from Pussycat's and Rin Tins were a number of these rural clubs, mind saying that, I never saw a suaddie from an outside unit (bar nurses) in these two either. I now have a Pavlovian response to Italodisco, after the first two chords, I produce an erection and a desire to drink Asbach, or Apfelkorn.
Mid 70's, the Cartoon in Lippstadt, I was amazed watching the boxhead kids WALTZING to Abba. WTF was that about?
It was more a variation on a Two Step. The shitkickers at BATUS do the same thing, they call it a Texas Two Step.

There used to be classic in Monchengladbach called Club Pam Pam, just on the corner of Waldhausener Strasse in the Alter Markt.
Not that I was in Germany in the 80s, but if you go to the right places even today, you'll still find the same type of music! I always preferred the squaddie-free German hang out than the horribly infested places.
Anyone for the "The Airport" in Diepholz ? That was Germany 80's-tastic pop-pickers.

I remember wearing some ridiculous outfits for the Acid House phase of the 80's in that establishment.
I remember both The Airport in Diepholz and Pam Pam's in Gladbach.

The Airport was huge. It had a light aircraft suspended above one of it's bars and a VW Beetle above another.

The first disco I went to in Germany was Rustika's in Erkelenz. I'll never forget walking in (well, stumbling) and seeing all the Hermans bopping to........Long Haired Lover From Liverpool by Jimmy Osmond.

There was a club in Lehrte (sp?) which we literally stumbled upon when I was at 14 which was totally devoid of squaddies. Was only a short train journey from Celle too. The music was Euro Cheddar-tastic, but what a purple patch I hit after discovering it.

Myself, Ed*ie *imms, Al*x S**th and a few others became regulars there. Ah, those were the days :-D

Eddie actually found and married the gorgeous (daughter of a millionaire too) Claudia after meeting her there. It must've been his ability to fall asleep while stood up, yet never spilling a drop which she found irresistable....
What was the song that used part of Deutschland über alles in it? Heard it in Cincinattis, Osnatraz about November 94

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