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Just squinting at the Guardian and I see this article in which it it stated that "David Miliband has impressed policymakers on the European stage", and "is in line to become Europe's first foreign minister."

Alongside that other of Britain's most popular Eurocrats-to-be...

Well, not having been consulted in any way about either my membership of the EU or my choice of President or Foreign Minister of that organisation, I feel slightly slighted. Particularly as the two names which are apparently in line for those jobs are people who I hold in some contempt for their differing but equally appalling abuse of their Offices during the past decade or so.

...and how the hell has the Miliband person impressed European policymakers other than by promising them British taxpayers' cash? I bet they didn't talk to anyone in India about him. Mind you, they're probably only as competent as he is.

Democracy, eh? Spit.
Oh yeah he'd be great what with getting talked down to by Sergey Lavrov (Ivans FM) during the Georgian piss up last year....nothing like getting treated to a verbal ass kicking on the phone and getting treated like some piece of shit he stepped in to boost your credentials for a job like this.

I think this story has more to do with Milliband not having a job this time next year so he's setting out his stall and sending his monkies out to spread his good word.
This has come up before - the suspicion is that St Tony of Mesopotamia isn't going to get the Presidential job, in which case the sweetner for us Brits will be Millband being offered the foreign minister without any real power portfolio (can you really see the French adopting a foreign policy which places other nations' interests ahead of France? Quite - and good on them..).

Problem is that Milliband, whatever he says, must be entertaining thoughts of being the Labour leader after the next election - despite what people think, unless the polls are entirely wrong, Labour will be the second largest party after the next election, and Cameron (on present polling) could be PM with a majority of about 30-40. If that is the case, then you have to assume that Labour would be in with a chance of winning the 2014/15 election.

If you were Milliband, you'd be a bit sick if you baled out only to find that if you'd stayed on you might have been in with a chance of being PM - a position, by the by, which would enable him to say 'In answer to your question, Mr Lavrov, I'm the man who can authorise the release of our nuclear deterrent against places such as Moscow and St Petersburg. That's who the fcuk I think I am, and you'd better remember it.' Even if he would only say that to the mirror in the gents before going into a meeting with Lavrov, the thought that he could, in theory, say it would also appeal. And he couldn't say anything of the sort if he were Foreign Minister of Europe.

As I said on the other thread, if we do end up with the FM's position after the usual horsetrading, I wouldn't bet against the post-holder having the first name of 'Peter'...
Milliband cums across as a Real Mature Statesman, not.
As for the other *unt, the man who committed UK to 5 wars then F-ed off to load up his bank account while MEN Died and Bleed he's not fit anything where high personal standards are needed.
Out of his depth in a paddling pool but at least it illustrates why we need to get out of the EU, having cnuts like him representing our country with NO democratic mandate whatsoever.

(Awaits for the usual suspects to defend the indefensible)


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It's a tragedy, but not a comic one.
It does accurately reflect the depth of intellect, basic intelligence even, lurking in the bowels of the UNELECTED and UNACCOUNTABLE European National Socialist Soviet Union.

Milliband is a nonentity in a political party of nonentities who would have difficulty representing a lump of coal in a scuttle.

PS: Frequently we see 'rats deserting a sinking ship' - the grinning squirt referred to above being an example. Not often does one see them deserting in order to join a bigger, better more lucrative ship passing by.

This 'spunk bubble', no more than four or five months ago, was angling to be 'Leader' of the busted flush called the 'Labour Party'. Having been kneed in the groin by the 'Master of the Universe' he is now angling for a job in Eurineland - what a disgusting little toss-wit and all-round loser!!
InVinoVeritas said:
Out of his depth in a paddling pool but at least it illustrates why we need to get out of the EU, having cnuts like him representing our country with NO democratic mandate whatsoever.

(Awaits for the usual suspects to defend the indefensible)
I have arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:p :wink:

No I can't defend him, even I have standards.

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