Europes Population: Ageing and Declining

Understand 'Ivan' has the same problem.
The Latino's will sort out the US of A. New York may well become the old New Amsterdam when the Constitution is Changed.
Arent Le bosche going to be extinct in 300 odd years if they dont pick it up in the shagging department? Sure i read that somewhere...
"China is extremely inefficient because of the large state-owned sector,"

One of my boozing buddies an Old Hong Kong hand formerly very senior, and has always said the Chinese are never able to 'Manufacture' Large Scale companies for the old Chinese tradition of the 'Father/Grandfather' always micro manages down to very low levels. He quoates instances of Harvard trained MBA's being unable to change even basic low level contracts that Pa had decreed 50 years before.
Japan however will pay high for well trained foriegn managers and this enabled them to expand rapidly their industrial base.
The problem is twofold, where there is economic squeeze as todays low wages (immigration) and housing prices/mortgages increase, many will stop having children, so Employers will have to pay a proper wage and not importing Immigrants Poles willing to do it for less and the housing market needs to be improved.

it had to be sorted from the top end down, I think CSA can be a factor as well, with relationship breaking down and guess who get lumbered with unrealistic maintenance payment with probably no visiting rights, which can put some blokes off while the feckless gets off scot free.

the otherside of the scale is many young proffessionals wants to mantian their lifestyle Holidays/Career/Big Houses etc without sacrificing it for a baby

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