European Winner of WW2 Finally Declared?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. So the answer is Germany?
  2. Nothing that hasn't been said before.
  3. It sure as Hell is not Great Britain!

    Why was my father so severely wounded at Anzio that one of his brothers, a surgeon, described his survival as miraculous (Sincere thanks to US Medical Corps)?

    Why was his youngest brother obliged to risk life and limb and in the process winning a D.S.C and a m.i.d?

    Why was the next brother obliged to risk his life and limb and in the process winning a D.S.O and a D.F.C?

    Guess who these, my heroes, were fighting!!
  4. In the case of the surgeon, no one I hope!
  5. Mostly dead people now, who more then likely didn't want to be there either......"THE WAR" (tm) is another generations baggage, stop carrying it around with you as a safety blanket.

    Perhaps "we" should hate Romans since 2000 years ago they invaded and subjugated Britain.
  6. With all due respect to your wounded and killed relations, there isn`t a British family who couldn`t tell a similar story. I am old enough to begin to wonder if the whole of the second unpleasantness was actually neccessary or even desirable, given the state of present day UK and the wider European scene.
  7. I believe the war was necessary but not desirable. Problem was that we had Germany fighting us on one side and the US bankrupting us on the other. We'd be better off if we'd sat the war out and let the Krauts crack on, I doubt the world would be a better place now if we had though.
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  8. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    so its all churchills fault then, he could have sat back and joined the EU when hitler asked him once those problem french had been suitably subdued.

    could have been so much easier, we'd have remained the biggest empire and navy, the mark would be the standard currency no doubt but that upstart accross the pond would have been a little quieter and communism would have been knocked off the perch during the EU expansion phase 1941-43

    greatest briton, pah - we would have saved 60 years european redevelopment and my cub scout uniform could have had some ally deaths heads on it.
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  9. 3rd September 1939 - Britain declares war
    10th May 1940 - Churchill becomes PM
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  10. Well I have said so many times on Arrse that the EU was created by the Kraut and the Frog to give the Boxhead respectability and the Cheese eater some one to pay for their excessive lifestyle.
    Still consider myself basically right.
    The EU became the socialist way of dominating Europe, after Russia drop the ball.
    Who did not believe that one Interest rate was suitable for ALL ?
    No one in his right mind.
    So if Euroland goes T its up with it Capitalist System then so what.
    First you have to destroy the old accepted way of life to introduce your new chosen system, one G Brown came very close in UK and now Euroland is pretending the Financial Crises is no ones fault, it just happened.

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  11. And gets voted out of office the first chance the British public have to make a choice.
  12. I'm not so sure that the Germans won. They were left skint and starving in a pile of shit and broken brick ends. Lets just say that they won the rebuild.

    Meanwhile 67 years later the Germans are still scratching their heads and wondering where all their gold reserves, including those they liberated from other nations, went to.

    The Swiss have benefited from millions salted away in numbered accounts by people who, post WW2, were never able to reclaim their money because they were either brown bread or on the run.

    Since one large batch of the gold was last seen in the on the Koenigssee it's possible that it made it's way to Switzerland as well. Or to the Vatican.
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  13. Grumbling about the state of Europe and especially Germany is very bad form....Thats how Hitler got started dontcha know.
  14. How's that relevant?