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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Kromeriz, Jul 1, 2012.

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  1. Not sure of the correct tread for this but are their any Arrsers who can signpost me with regard to European Union law and the use of language?

    In particular, are there any judgements with regard to the law of Contract where someone signs a contract in a foreign language? Is it legally binding if signed in a foreign language where one of the parties does not understand the language?

    Thanks for any help on signposting this issue.

  2. do a bit of overseas biz myself
    but a contract is a contract is a contract
  3. In Which country was this contract signed, and did it say "This contract is subject to Scots (or whatever) Law"
  4. Not strictly true according to good Lady Judge Kromeriz who is of the opinion - High Court of the Czech Republic - that a contract can be declared null and void if it can shown that one of the signatures to the contract could not understand what they were signing.

    Unfortunately, as she is GL Judge Kromeriz, she can not help me... because, because, because... and told me to go and find out the law... hmmm

    Apparently, under European Union law, it is our right to be addressed in our native language unless it can be shown that we do speak the language fluently and fully understood what we were signing.
  5. Contract signed in the Czech Republic. Whether it was subject to Czech law etc, I have no clue as I could not understand Czech at that point.
  6. What have you bought?
  7. From memory, when MOD agrees a contract with a company whose address is Scotland, they ask the contractor whether he would like the contract to be under Scots Law. Were you given a choice of which countries law you wanted to apply?
  8. Simple Rent Contract.

    The point is the law.

    The value of the claim is £400, but Mrs GLK insists that I have the right in denying that the Contract was actually enforceable.

    Simply a point of law, but one that the Arrse FL might actually find useful at some point if I can find clarification.
  9. It's a slippery slope you're bound for if you think Arrse is the place for legal advice...........................
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  10. The signature at the bottom means that you have read, understood and agree with its contents. If you didn't understand it why did you sign it? You could get out of it if the contract itself if you can show that it breaches the law.
  11. Caveat Emptor. Let the buyer beware.

    Did they ask for ID from you? did you ask them to translate it?
  12. I don't know about the Czech Republic but in the UK if you have signed it it will be upheld, providing it is not a consumer contract and providing there are no "unfair terms" (things you couldn't have reasonably be expected to understand without legal advice).
  13. EUR-Lex should help
  14. Before you go and research this would you mind just signing this 1033, don't worry about whats on it.
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  15. Not wrong there.

    But I have read one or two postings from ... educated types...

    I only need someone to signpost me.


    I have stated, GLJ Krom, although she can not help me, has said that some members of Arrse are full of toss...

    Continental law is totally different to Common law.


    Serious answers please chaps and chapesses. It if after all a point of law that could have an impact on many Arrsers should venture beyond UK borders in to the the somewhat wilder climes