European Union joins the lineup, staking claim to Arctic res

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by petergriffen, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. :twisted: .....I won't comment because since I'm a little more pro-EU then many (most?) on here I keep talking myself into arguments :oops: ....I just thought it was interesting.
  2. You learn something new each day.

    I always thought that Greeenland was an independant country
  3. I swear if there is ever an excuse for another world war it must surely be to destroy this abhorrent trough licking institute of free loading scumbags.

    Any time next next year would be fine once we recover the lads from Telic.

    Fackin scum the lot of them!
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  9. So basically the EU is trying to elbow its way in and big itself up? If I was one of those three countries I'd be wondering what the EU was up to since why should Portugal or Slovakia be getting a say in their territorial disputes. Now if it's done as a way of getting the rest of the EU behind and supporting the positions that they decide rather than 'formulate a [EU] policy' and try and make them follow that then it could be a good thing but I remain skeptical.
  10. Yep . . I might hate the fat, corrupt and undemocratic leviathan that is the EU, but that's the whole point. We're way too small individually to have an impact in the argument but as a group we can work on the scale that the big guys do.

    Let's hope that they are as keen to join in when the arguing starts over the resources in the Antarctic. I never viewed the Falklands conflict as being about sovereignty, it was about the strategic importance of the Cape Horn and the resources that lie beyond and which one day we will be fighting over.

    The EU does have some uses other than being a financial vehicle for the Kinnock family you see.
  11. How can the EU stake a claim in anything as it isnt a nation state?
    Can we have our war now!
  12. Not yet it isn't . . only a matter of time . . once they've overcome the 'Irish Problem.'

    They'll probably just throw their weight behind those nation states that do have a claim to make sure they have the best chance. It's all in the Super-States interest in the long term after all.
  13. We're big enough, and more importantly wealthy enough, to do whatever we want, if we had the political will. It is, of course, perfectly possible to hand over our international interests and responsibilities to someone else. It's just a shyte thing to do.
  14. Yes, that old democracy and voting thing, I can see why they have a problem there.
  15. I don't think we are big enough and we're certainly not wealthy enough to do whatever we want. You may have missed that little Credit Crunch thing but even before that we have spent all the pennies in the piggy bank. Just because Mr.Brown says he's going to borrow our way out of the problem doesn't mean he's found anyone to lend us the money. We're overstretched and underfunded militarily and our global influence has shrunk to that of a third world nation. We just don't have the clout the we used to.

    We handed over our international interests and responsibilities decades ago. No use crying over spilt milk though, I suggest that we make the most of the shyte situation we've let ourselves be led into.