European Terrorist Group defeated? The end of ETA

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dwarf, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. Yesterday ETA the Basque terrorist group declared a 'permanent and internationally verifiable ceasefire'. Just thought I would inform the interested minds of the Arrse.

    Obviously it isn't that simple, especially as they have declared ceasefires before and undercover of the letting up of pressure gone on to rearm, regroup and business as usual. This time the governments of France and Spain are having nothing of it and the Spanish especially are saying that the only thing they want to hear is that ETA are disbanding. This morning two further arrests of ETA computer experts took place.

    ETA managed to remain in being while they had hideaways in the mountains, but especially on the French side of the border, where they lived and trained for years with the French authorities turning a blind eye. Once the French started to really collaborate with the Spanish and to be serious about it they started to make ground, until then there was no way to really defeat them. In the last couple of years ETA has suffered a continual series of reverses, botched operations, and a multitude of arrests, especially of the leaders. The declaration shows that they are effectively without options and that either they are defeated or that they desperately need to regroup. Either way the news is positive.

    The key points to my eyes were the Franco/Spanish collaboration and not so long ago when Spain looked beyond the terrorist organisation and arrested a number of lawyers and financers who were the real brains and backing of ETA. For all the misplaced idealism of the members of the group without serious backing and direction from people in suits and offices they would never have lasted so long.

    It isn't over yet, there is still a long way to go but perhaps we can hope that the last major european terrorist group is about to go under. Positive news for us all.
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    Yes,And I still believe in Santa
  3. So do I, and I still didn't get my train set this year either!

    But they really have taken a continuous hammering recently and it seems to me that they are at the point that the IRA reached where they realised that the 'armed struggle' just wasn't going to work. So it's either disband or regroup, and the latter is looking increasingly difficult. I know NI terrorism hasn't gone completely but there is no need for OP Banner now. This isn't the final end of ETA, nor the solution to the Basque problem, but perhaps it's a start towards a more peaceful process.
  4. Only one part of the Repubican movement called an end to their 'war'. Several groups are still commiting acts of terrorism. Like the rocket that was fired at a police station just before Christmas, or the large amount of weapons and explosives that were located just south of the Border a few weeks ago.

    the IRA has not gone away. Ask the families of Sapper Pat Azimkar or Sapper Mark Quinsey 38 Regt RE who were shot dead at the front gate of masserene barracks in Antrim or the families of the police officers who have had their legs blown off in under car bobby traps in the last year. The chief constable of the PSNI at the time (Sir Hugh Orde made a request to the GOC at Lisburn at the time to prepare a number of troops to assist the PSNI. Troops WHERE on standby.)

    In a recent statement disadent repubicans have said that they are preparing a fresh campain and that the English mainland would be their primary targets for bombings and police officers AND THEIR FAMILIES are targets and should consider themselves under a death sentence for alining themselves with the imposed British state.

    in 1916 members of the Irish Repubican Brotherhood (IRB) attacked govenment buildings in dublin. This became known as the Easter rising. Many repubicans here in Northern Ireland are publiclly saying that they are looking to 2016 and the hundreth annivercity of the rising and if the British have not totally withdrawn from the north of ireland then they will consider oging back to a full 'war situation'. members of the PSNI (police force here) have told me that they would not be able to control such a situation and would require the REDEPLOYMENT of british troops to assist the civil power.

    ETA has reserved the right to use their 'armed struggle' in the future (read the translation of their text), they are continuing to strive to achive their aims.

    Terrorism has not gone away, in fact it is more prolifiic now that it ever was.
  5. ETA's last official Cease Fire was in September 2010.... and now another "official" one 5 months later... Hardly fills you with confidence as to how long it will last................

    They still dress like a cross between a French Garlic Seller and the KKK ;)
  6. A mention of the GAL in your narrative would have been nice. Without this government sanctioned terror campaign, the Socialist Government which was then in power in France would not have changed its laissez-faire policy.

    The GAL have to be one of the most efficient anti-terrorist campaign ever in spite of their abysmal record since their action led to a complete change in French policy and the end of the ETA sanctuaries in France.

    Grupos Antiterroristas de Liberación - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Grupos Antiterroristas de Liberación (GAL, Antiterrorist Liberation Groups) were death squads established illegally by officials of the Spanish government to fight ETA, the principal Basque separatist militant group. They were active from 1983 until 1987, under Spanish Socialist Workers Party-led governments. It was proven at trial that they were financed by important officials within the Spanish Interior Ministry. The Spanish daily newspaper, El Mundo, played an important role in revealing the plot when it ran a comprehensive series of articles on the matter.
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  8. Can some one give a brief outline of their cause? obviously want to be self governing, but on what do they base there claim.Would a favourable territorial win by ETA have a huge efffect on Spain/France?

    Do they have support only in the Basque region/population, if so i am amazed they have lasted so long.
  9. They want an independent, hard-Socialist Basque country.
  10. Re-reading this I am not trying to say that I believe they are giving up as such, there have been too many false starts while ETA used the truces to regroup and rearm. Rightly the government is having none of it and has reiterated their stance that the only comunique they want to hear is that ETA is disbanding. The point I was trying to make is that if ETA are going this far then they are in real trouble with membership and leadership being hit extremely hard recently. If they are in trouble then surely that is positive, the fact that the government are taking a hard-line can also be attributed to the fact that they think they can defeat them. There is also a macho stance here as to do otherwise would be to lose votes in the current political climate. The opposition who have a lead in the polls have the luxury to say that there should be no giving way at all, so Zapatero hasn't got many options, though the security forces have been working well and he is confident.

    As to support in the Basque country, well there was a huge demonstration at the weekend in support of ETA members in prisons and there is often street violence by the youth, though less of late. There is quite a lot of support for more autonomy and a sizable section would welcome independence, the same being true of Catalonia. Both Basques and Catalans do not see themselves as being Spanish and see the spanish state as imposed by conquest against their wills, (quick precis here). The difference between the UK and Spain is that England never denied that Scotland Wales and Ireland were/are countries in their own rights within the UK state. Spain denies this to Catalonia and Basque Country and refuses to countenence any form of federalism which might well solve the problem.
    Not all Basques are independence-minded, but there is a fair support for it, and certainly for nationhood which they are one in fact if not legally.
  11. gracias, some clarity, but at the end of the day they are then murdering terrorists, until they win when of course the become herioc martyrs of the revolution.
  12. I like many reading this have half a handle on this, firstly because we had a Spanish Officer(from the Spanish Foreign Legion of all things) with us going through the NITAT package a few moons ago and secondly I like others read and recognise the similaritys with NI.
    The question I have is this, has this came about(as i hope) due to the terrorist campaign going no-where or do ETA/The Basque Nationlists have a upsurge in support that could lead to electoral success ?
  13. Load of complete bollocks about situation in Ulster.The I.R.A has been defeated and most of it's key players are administering British rule from Stormont.Regarding the so called disident threat you would be better of contacting MI5 who are runing the 3 gangs that are operating there.1. Beechmount 2. Londonderry and 3. Lurgan totally controled by 5! Remember Big Boy's rules still run in Ulster.
  14. Agreed Just politicol ease will always prevent UK Mainland or Ni Politicions from saying that(not got a clue how much Box has control over the dissadents, Exprience teach's me not as much as you think). The basque/ETA Scenario is on appearence far diffrent.