European superstate

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Dunc0936, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. With the Lisbon treaty now coming into law, does this mean we are one more step closer to a European superstate with the UK just becoming a state rather than a country??? is it time to leave the country or try and do something about it???

  2. Leave the country for where? Why are you so worried?
  3. We never did get that vote, did we?
  4. why so worried?? I probably like 1000's of other people do not want to be controlled from europe, of course there are plenty of good things that europe has done, but there are plenty of things I don't like. and being part of a united states of europe is one of them....
  5. Nor will we.Seems Dave says it is not up for discussion.
  6. And besides,that nice Mr Bliar will look out for our interests,won't he?
  7. I admit it would be nice to get a vote on the issue but as far as my lifes problems rank being controlled by a prat in strasburg instead of a prat in London isn't that high up in my list.
  8. Well, you surely didn't expect Cameron or any other politician to " DO " what they actually promise. They're all lying dishonourable bstards anyway, whatever, we can't win.!
  9. So question for you all? are we heading on an unstoppable course for a united states of Europe?? non of the main parties or even the media seem to have picked up on that or seem to care

  10. Yes we are and it will end in tears in my lifetime in a bloodbath as the insurmountable tensions within Europe tear it apart.
  11. Maybe not in our lifetime's, but before we know it they'll only be One Political Party. I mean, everything has to start somewhere, and then we'll all have to wear Grey Clothes...

    Democracy is a dying right, as is the ability of mankind to be able to think for themselves. 'Cashier number 3 please'.
  12. You are not the first person I have heard that from, I have also heard that from a historian and a pro europe conservative which supprised me
  13. Please grow up, there will be no blood bath because of this treaty.

    The reason that all the parties are not willing to stop the process is because chances are we would not be able to afford to not join.
  14. Why..?