European Elections, which way did you vote?

Who did you vote for?

  • Change UK

    Votes: 4 1.2%
  • Conservative

    Votes: 7 2.1%
  • Green

    Votes: 7 2.1%
  • Labour

    Votes: 3 0.9%
  • Lib Dem

    Votes: 26 7.9%
  • The Brexit Party

    Votes: 271 82.6%
  • UKIP

    Votes: 6 1.8%
  • Independent

    Votes: 4 1.2%

  • Total voters
For once, AN is talking out of his bum if he considers the "populist surge" to be muted.
Unless of course he denies that the Lib Dems have also stood on a populist ticket, albeit diametrically opposite that of the Brexit Party.
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Is there a more annoying MP than Layla Moran?
BBC now in full on Lib Dem/Greens support mode. Sod that. Well done Nigel and TBP. A well deserved kick in the nuts to the wassocks in Westminster.
I’m off to bed!
Why not proportional representation then? Vote for your preferred order of alternatives. If you can't get a majority for your preferred option then at least you could support the next most palatable option.
Agreed. 1st AV would produce the most representative result.
We should be using it for GEs too, as it means constituencies still vote for their own candidates.
This "combined remain vote" narrative absolutely reeks of pre-determined Campbell esque spin -"Activate damage control plan B".

It was first trotted out by him just after the Wales results, then by Adam Price of Plaid, Swinson and now by Kusseunsberg domino fashion.
Nobody has yet added in the presumed consent-to-remain vote from the passive electorate which would really up their figures.
It seems to that all those advocating this route will not be happy until there are only two parties/sides in any vote and a defined quorum.
Even then, they will only be happy when they get their own way.
Question: When was the last time, since the introduction of universal suffrage, that any party had come to government with an absolute majority of national votes?
The Lib Dem’s have a problem though, they think that they’ve done well and this will translate to a GE resurgence.

Personally, I think they will be very, very wrong.
Yes, and you can certainly say the same about the Greens. However, although it’s galling, you can also say the same of TBP unless Farage works his socks off and gets a plausible and sensible manifesto sorted out.
I think there is now a very strong case for expelling London from the United Kingdom

It is clearly now occupied territory lost to foreigners.
Yet despite that, London still elected two Brexit Party MEPs & kicked Corbyn in the ghoolies.
All is not lost
As would anybody believing that this result means the Brexit Party would have equivalent success in a UK General Election.

I believe this is above all an expression of fury from level-headed Brits at the current limp-wristed omnishambles in Westminster.

Be interesting to see what happens in long will this intake be allowed to draw salaries from Brussels I wonder?
Brexit Party x 2
Labour x 1
Plaid Cymru x 1

Interestingly, Cardiff, - which voted to remain in the referendum - voted for the Brexit Party.

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Is it just lazy analysis or an attempt at minimising the impact when they continue to suggest Brexit Party support is pretty much directly transferred from UKIP?
TBP have a 20% increase in votes compared to UKIP in 2014 despite UKIP retaining 12.5% of their vote.
TBP picked up 1.4 million votes that didn't come from UKIP.
And over on the other side of the moat channel:

Why was the turnout so high?
EU citizens turned out to vote in numbers not seen since the first EU elections in 1979, bucking years of decline.
The numbers were significantly higher than the last elections in 2014, when fewer than 43% of eligible voters took part. Turnout in Hungary and Poland more than doubled on the previous poll, and Denmark hit a record 63%.
Analysts attributed the high turnout to a range of factors including the rise of populist parties and increased climate change awareness.
No mention of mass illegal immigration facilitated by the EU, no siree, it played no part whatsoever, honest...
> 2,938,000 EU citizens (excluding UK citizens) lived in the UK in 2014
>Lib Dems got 3,366,673

Really makes you think
Farage's home town
Thanet (South East) result:
Brex: 51.1% (+51.1)
LDem: 14.8% (+11.5)
Grn: 12.7% (+6.3)
Lab: 9.0% (-7.8)
Con: 8.5% (-13.9)
UKIP: 4.0% (-42.0)
ANALYSIS: Brexit Party success 'will terrify the Tories'
The Brexit Party did extremely well. With no ground organisation they won a national election by a mile. They surpassed UKIP’s vote share. They won more seats. They’re now the joint largest party in the European Parliament (alongside German CDU). It will terrify the Tories.​

— Lewis Goodall (@lewis_goodall) May 27, 2019
LIVE: Brexit Party dominance 'will be repeated in a general election'

And that people. Is called achieving your objective. ( For the old & bold - swap objective for aim ;);) )

No need for manifesto's or any other Political tripe.
Well, well worth a read.

PETER HITCHENS: Well I did warn you about the Marshmallow Lady… and her successor will be just as useless - Mail Online - Peter Hitchens blog

"I added: ‘If anyone thinks that the Bad Losers’ Party has given up its dream of rerunning the referendum, just wait and see. They will fight this in the courts, in the Commons, in the Lords, in the civil service and in the BBC.’

I said: ‘Some are beguiled by Alexander (alias “Boris”) Johnson.

They don’t even know his real name, and have also failed to notice that he is politically correct, pro-EU and, while he is cleverer than his schoolmate and fellow Bullingdon hearty, Mr Slippery [David Cameron], he is the same sort of thing.

Yes, I did say that Mr Johnson was pro-EU. I here repeat it. He is. He later adopted the opposite view out of cynical calculation. He could just as easily go into reverse. "
And over on the other side of the moat channel:

No mention of mass illegal immigration facilitated by the EU, no siree, it played no part whatsoever, honest...
The BBC News is saying that the Europe-wide high turnout will be encouraging to the EU.
Eh? People are only getting involved in order to tell them to piss off.

What do you do when an organisation is so deluded that it will attribute love for itself as the cause for any effect?

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