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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Silent_Assassin, Sep 4, 2007.

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  1. are a bunch of feckin useless cnuts :x

    Is it just me or in general are the Europeans just utterly crap at driving. Yet again I had to suffer the idiots on the way to work this morning which resulted in the journey taking an extra 15 mins. Now I know I'm not the best driver in the world but at least I don't follow the the local standards:

    1) Driving at 40 in a 50 zone or similar differences at other speeds.
    2) Taking 20 secs to get going at traffic lights so only two cars get through.
    3) Pulling out without any notice at 2 mph.
    4) Almost coming to a stop on the main road before turning off.
    5) Having no common sense.
    6) Being generally ignorant to anyone else on the road
    etc etc

    Having tried all the normal derogatory hand gestures that don't appear to work are there any other methods for getting these fools off the road or out the way with out rendering myself liable to a visit to the local cop shop :?
  2. Lets wait for the thats just women drivers :roll:
    I am not admitting to any of the above! :wink:
  3. ...and cutting corners at junctions
    ...and crossing the white line on bends (when they have no visibility ahead)
    ...and tailgating
  4. Jeez, you dont have a very high patience level do you? I bet you live with your hand on the horn and drive a BMW...
  5. I may have my hand on my horn but generally not when I'm driving :wink: though I have been known to "readjust" whilst in motion.

    I guarantee the majority on this forum have suffered from convoy cock in the past.
  6. The Europeans are pretty crap at everything except corruption. Just wait till they try to make us drive on the right!

    As a footnote, the reason we drive on the left dates back to when we rode horses, it meant our sword arm was free to skewer any passing Frenchman.
  7. having lived in sunny deutschville for 12 years I can totally sympathise with this.They do all of the above and much more .However when visiting UK they have some quaint customs.Indicators seem to be an optional extra. Drivng at 100mph everywhere is a must. If they can't decide a lane to be in then straddle two. Don't let anyone in , as this is a sign of weakness and degrades your very sense of masculinity. Old people must pull out on motorbikers at every opportunity(this is a law I think) . So yea the jolly foriegner is crap at driving I don't think that UK drivers are any better.

    PS also Germans approach junctions at mac 10 and is quite scary the first time they do it.
  8. Europeans? The stuff you're describing sounds like my average trip to work in Yorkshire...
  9. The best ones in deutschland are:

    a. Someone (usually beemer/audi) approaching behind you at 150mph+ on the autobahn only braking when 5ft from your rear bumper, still sh*ts me up sometimes.

    b. Turning right at a junction with traffic lights and pedestrians have right of way crossing on the road you're turning on to. WTF! Almost ran over loads of them.

    All in all though, germans are no worse than UK drivers, just faster (usually)

    Edited for mong spelling
  10. Try driving in Swindon, Roundabout city where the rule of the road is whoever gets the fastest has right of way.

    Lets not forget those who sit at 65 in the middle lane of a motorway when NOT overtaking, BMW, VW, Audi drivers believing the outside lane belongs to them and trying to park their car on my backseat because im only doing 75 while overtaking the car in the middle lane who is too busy eating/drinking/smoking/using mobile etc.....

    Had 'Johnny Foreigner' from Poland so close to me this morning that when checking my mirrors, I could not see anything other than his windscreen and his moronic look as he tried to get past me at the traffic lights...... My how I laughed when he went up the inside lane and got stuck in the LEFT TURN lane with no one prepared to let him in.....
  11. Truckers.


    There you'll be, making good progress down the outside lane of the motorway and all of a sudden all three lanes are doing apparent reason. Well there is a reason, about a mile ahead there'll be 2 trucks, one in the slow lane doing 50mph, one in the middle lane doing 50.2mph.
  12. I'm guessing that Yorkshire is still part of Europe or did someone invade while I was asleep ?
  13. Using mobile? Surely not?

    This is something that's begun to grip my sh*t, as it were... It may not be agreed with by many, but it's now law that you can only use a mobile if you've got a handsfree kit. So why is it that I'll still see at least one (on average) person with a mobile phone held to their head jabbering away? It's not even when they're cruising on the road, this is at junctions etc! WTF?!

    Seems that the worst offenders are White Van Men. Anyone else noticed the same/annoyed by this?
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Nope, we drive on the left because that's what the Romans decreed when they ran this country - bl00dy Europeans! For some reason, Napoleon Bonaparte decided that the rest of Europe would drive on the right at the beginning of the 19th century.
  15. To be honest I prefer Cad's version even if he is talking sh*te. Are there any ancient unrevoked byelaws still in place allowing us to do this, possibly with a modern twist a la driveby?