European Defence - they just wont give up!

It's the rush to a European Superstate that baffles me.
I accept that there must never be another European war which will rip the continet apart, much to the benifit of the USA and the upcumming Nations of the Far East.
But as the Euro has demonstrated some cunties are "Worlds" apart in their state of developement.
And this Turkey as part of Europe ! "We" have protected Turkey since the days of Crimea but the Boshphorus has always been the start of Asia and in my opionon should stay so. King George says we should accept them let them becum 53 state of US now ya TURK would go for that.
How many European government could afford a first class millitary ? Italy is bankrupt as a nation and The Frog has exsisted on the back of Germany for years. They cannot afford a Euro Military capable of being a World class power. 100-50 years down the road maybe.
I suppose we can get the Europe Defence Force into world class if they redirect all the money they spend on CAP on it.
...will see creation of the European Security and Defense College (ESDC) as an on-line, distance-learning nexus with virtual classrooms spread across the union...
Oh dear...another pipedream... :D

Good spot!
Thext it will be Online Sandhurst! Leadership from the sofa and web based longreach!!

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