European Constitution Referendum-will you say yes or no?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, May 18, 2005.

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  1. Yes, it could only be for the good

  2. No. on the basis of one of many reasons I could think of.

  3. Not sure...........

  1. The Great Liar has stated time and again that he will hold a referendum on the UKs ratification/acceptance of the European Constitution. News reports now indicate that if France votes NO then we can say goodbye to voicing our opinion on the question of Sovereignty.

    Now we have focused on the Great Liar for some time now but is his view of our future participation in Europe indicative of that of the Labour Party in general?

    Whats your view? those of us born before joining the EEC as it was then can recognise how far it has truly changed its spots. Those of you born after may see it in a different light.

    The arguement at its basest level come down to this Queen or a President from an Obscure Eastern European country? Europe as an entity in the World Cup.......after all we all belong in Europe and to define sport along National Boundaries would surely contradict the ethos of the constitution? Service in a European Army..............implementing European Foreign Policy, you may serve within the same National group taking orders from the same Officers; just that orders for your deployment would be isued from Brussels. Plenty more questions where those three came from.
  2. I voted no.

    Not for the scaremongering ' What if's?" but for one simple reason.

    Does anyone remember that the EC was the EEC? The European ECONOMIC community , not the 'European Community"

    It's turning into Eurovision , how long before we invite Israel to join?

    I am in favour of an economically united Europe , with no cross border tariffs and a free market. I am NOT in favour of the path that El Presidente is trying to drag us down.

    And why have we slid down this route? Because the British public are so apathetic, they let this happen.
  3. Thank you PTP I had remembered that it was supposed to be a European Economic Community across which we would be able to trade freely and equally;Britain then was shamefully misinformed by Heath and it is now as a Federalist Super State championed in its Fedarilst form now by the Lib Dems :wink:
  4. As I recall, when we joined, the EEC had moved from its original trade club to a farmers club. It has now moved on to a bureaucrats club. Hence the need for a constitution. Bureaucrats (aka lawyers, poli's) love rules.

    I WILL vote NO simply because I think a yes vote will be seen by the powers that be in europe as 'we have a mandate for federalism'. It will also mean more and more politicians, administrators, and bureaucats that the rest of us will have to pay for in taxes.

    When the European Constitution stands for less government it will get my vote. Until then - No, nein, non, and fcuk off
  5. IMHO: Europe as an economic trading bloc is a good idea, but once ‘economic’ is taken to read as single currency then that’s an entirely different matter. The imbalance of GDP across the countries of the EU; different social security / welfare / pension systems (do you want to pay for French OAPs? The French can’t afford to); taxation; public spending as a whole… Germany is a prime example of a country being crippled by European single policy bureaucracy.

    As for political and cultural unification, I have grave doubts about this as history shows us that all European empires have been destroyed in time, with nations breaking out in the name of cultural identity. We have too many languages, too different political traditions, too many ingrained state / religion relationships, too different legal systems, too different cultural temperaments, too much history and too many tribal memories for this idea to flourish into reality. I am not xenophobic in the least, having friends of many nationalities and having lived happily for significant periods of time outside of the U.K., but we should, each country, preserve our uniqueness, relish our differences but continue through diplomacy and individual friendships to forge good tempered relationships across Europe.
  6. Oi. Stop talking sense. It unnerves us. :wink:
  7. Sorry! :oops: Erm, will someone please explain the question in words of less than 2 syllables so I can understand it... :wink:
  8. I think that Britain should be at the heart of Europe: just like Switzerland :twisted:, i.e. in the European Economic Area & European Free Trade Area (which is what we were told we'd effectively signed up to in the first place), NOT an EU supestate. Blair should hang for treason for signing his name on that damn "constitution".

    Good old Boris talking some sense in the Torygraph today:
  9. I vote non.

    It means cosying up to the French. That says it all really.

    BTW, if you are really against the EU (like me) then support Turkey's accession. It will make the whole project virtually meaningless, oh, and annoy the French too. We call this a "Win-Win."

  10. Climbs onto soapbox...

    It's the stated aim of many on the continent to create a country called Europe. The Europhiles here in Blighty won't dare mention it. I firmly believe we're better off running our own affairs, and that's not said because of blind patriotism. Logically, how can the same policies on tax etc be right for our economy and Poland's? We didn't become the fourth biggest economy in the world by harmonising with Europe, we did it by being British, and it's not insular or xenophobic to say so!

    See the the www link below for info on the No Campaign, if you'd like to give the European Union (sounding like a nation state already) a bloody nose.

    ...Steps down from soapbox to give someone else a go.
  11. I will vote NO

    Simply I want us the British people to decide our future and our governments, decide our foriegn policy, decide our defence policy (if we have one :roll: ) and control our own finances.

    I am totally against Brussels in its current form; nepotistic, cronyism and full of corrupt second class politicians :evil:
  12. DB - I echo Awol's comment - this makes too much sense. The logical explanation is that you're sitting in Chijmes at this very moment in time with a wireless laptop and a chilled glass of wine... :wink:

  13. I voted NO, Why do we need a Constitution? We as a nation have never had one. Don't worry it will go belly up as it only needs one nation to vote nien. That will come from poland, Norway or us.
  14. Oh dear, rumbled! :oops: :lol: That was in fact a compilation of the thoughts of random drinkers in Liberte! :wink:
  15. In't that frog talk woman eh :evil:

    something about Liberty, isn't that contrary to the United States of Europe ethos :wink: