European Commission, a law unto themselves...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ord_Sgt, Oct 18, 2004.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Now I am not really an anti EU person and have no love for the press but sh1te like this is not on. Who the fcuk do these unelected twats think they are?!
  2. Isn't that just the kind of action those who questioned the creation of the EU were afraid of?
  3. I wish the w@nkers were as good at trying to tackle the fraud that the greedy b'astards at the top are carrying out. It's time we pulled out of the whole farce. :evil:
  4. OS
    Rules are fine when they inconvenience, harrass, or cost, the public but don't apply when the do the same to government. Everyone knows that, ask the bearded bigot Blunkett
    ID cards anyone?

    Everyone on arrse knows the only useful thing to come out of Brussels is the E40 to Ostend/Dover
  5. Welcome folks to the new EU dictatorship.

    Any questions, quiries or complaints and you'll be locked away by the EU commission. How dare you question their infallibility!!

    Didn't you know the Human rights bill is for us mere mortals, people of such power as held by these unelected gods cannot be held to account.

    George Orwells predictions are looking depressing accurate :evil:
  6. I recall hearing that only three (now two) governing political bodies in the world meet and deliberate in secret - the Central Committe of the Communist Party of the Democratic Peoples' Republic of North Korea, the (former) Iraqi Revolutionary Command Council,...and the European Commission.

    When one bears in mind the predominance of broadly left-wing parties in the European Parliament, coupled with the prominent position notable left-wing politicians occupy in the EU (Barroso, the new president of the Commission is a 'former' Maoist; and Daniel Cohn-Bendit, former 'spokesman and leader, Paris May Revolution (1968)', and (God help us!) subsitutue member of the EU subcommitte on security & defence) it should come as no surprise that this is the direction the EU is taking. Remember the uproar when Jorg Haider (admittedly, an odious little snirp) and his Freedom Party came to prominence (democratically) in Austria a few years ago? It would appear that only politically correct (read 'left-wing' or 'progressive') politics and politicians are acceptable. Look at the treatment Buttiglione is receiving at the hands of the left bloc in the parliament (he holds such 'controversial' views as the importance of marriage...a dangerous radical indeed).
  7. Locked up by an organisation with no police force, no criminal court and no prison? The EP does not have a "preponderance of left wing parties". It has a conservative majority! This is a basic error of fact - like saying that Michael Howard is the Prime Minister.
  8. As everyone seems to agree, it should be no surprise that dictatorship that is the EU is continuing to pass laws that effect us, but of course we have no say in the matter.

    On fraud, it should be remembered that last week, the woman who blew the whistle on EU fraud has now officially been sacked, with nothing done. This was sanctioned and implenmented (as one of his last acts) by the w*nker Kinnock - never has an organisation been truly milked by failed British policitans!!!

    Roll on the referendum!

    For more scandel on the EU read Chris Booker's Notebook in the Sunday Torygraph - classic this week on Fishermen and Defra
  9. The numbers in the individual multinational groups makes it appear that conservative political parties predominate (European People's Party (Christian Democrats) and European Democrats (EPP-ED) has 294 MEPs); but this is not the case if one looks at the composition of the other large political groups.

    The Party of European Socialists (PES) numbers 232; the Group of the European Liberal, Democrat and Reform Party (ELDR) has 66 MEPs (including Lib Dems); the European United Left/Nordic Green Left (EUL/NGL) numbers 55; the Greens/European Free Alliance Greens (EFA) numbers 47. Together these broadly left-wing groups outnumber the conservative bloc.
  10. So why do they find it necessary to choose a majority conservative Commission, as convention requires with a majority conservative Parliament? The ELDR includes liberal parties much more in the old meaning of the word (ie small government free traders) as well as the Lib Dems. The German FDP, for example, argues for economic deregulation and tax cuts and was part of Helmut Kohl's conservative government from 1982 to 1998. And where do you place the FPÖ? They were traditionally quite liberal in that sense but also include the hard right element now in charge, and they are NOT in the EPP-ED. The French "Democratie Liberale" actually argues for a Thatcherite economic policy - broadly leftwing?

    Then, of course, there are the further right groupings...after all, about half the Italian right-wing MEPs don't belong to the EPP-ED. Not to mention nutters. You should certainly not rely on the EUL/NGL and the Greens agreeing - they are two different groups for a reason.

    I suppose you are aware that the British Government can and does suspend our civil rights when it feels like it? Check out the text of the new civil contingencies bill....
  11. I will concede the field in this matter to Escape-from PPPrune, but I will qualify my contention about the 'predominance' of broadly left-wing groups in the European Parliament by saying that I feel the ethos of the EU suits many of the left-wing members of the parliament. That said, those groups which could be classified as 'right-wing' are not particularly palatable either. Many of the groups mentioned seem to my eyes to be Continental copies of Little Englanders with limited, regional appeal and agendas. I cannot say that I have a great deal of time for any of them - left or right - as they are all partaking in what seems to be an increasingly undemocratic and authoritarian system 'over there'. I rememebr once being told that if a politician or political party found itself unable to gain influence at home, then it should aim for 'Europe' where all sorts of weird and wonderful views can be simply passed into legislation (the principle of 'why bother trying to get your views voted into law in your own country, when you can have them passed into legislation by the EU')
  12. In March 2000, Mikhail Gorbachev himself cynically described the EU as the "New European Soviet".

    The EU is a communistic institution which has its roots in 18th century 'Age of Enlightenment', and is part of a wider global convergence strategy to merge various power blocs into a communist one world government. Churchill, Stalin, and FD Roosevelt were instrumental in laying the groundwork for this in establishing the United Nations.

    In 1995, KGB Gen. Sergei Kondrashev stated in an interview that, after WWII, it was official Soviet policy to send communist agents into right-wing parties as well as the left-wing parties in the Socialist International (a wing of the Communist International for "social democratic" parties in the West, including the Labour Party). Certainly, former Tory PM Edward Heath fitted this category as he openly backed the Communist International during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s and gave an honourary knighthood to his close friend Marshal Josip Tito, the dictator of Yugoslavia, in the early 70s.

    On the subject of German politics, the Free Democrats are heavily infiltrated, as, according to leaked documents from Czech intelligence, their former leader (Helmut Kohl's foreign minister) Hans-Dietrich Genscher was/is a KGB agent, code-named "Tulip".

    The main opposition German Christian Democrats (CDU) leader, Angela Merkel, was a member of the East German Communist Youth League.

    BTW, almost all the leaders in the new EU countries were Communist Party officials before 1989.

    Margaret Thatcher's former foreign policy advisor, Christopher Story, exposes the sovietisation of Europe in his book 'The European Union Collective':

  13. Hereward,

    Thanks for the link to the book - just ordered it. Looks facinating.
  14. No problem at all, stoatman.

    I hope it inspires you as much as it did me.

  15. Fukkit lets apply to become a United State - same language and TV, plus they aint afraid of a scrap and we always go to war with them.

    And I like MREs.