European Coastguard Service

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tomahawk6, Jul 7, 2007.

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  1. Evidently the EU wants to see the respective Coastguard Service's of its members consolidated into an EU Coastguard Service. There seems to be support of such a measure by Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson's Committee on Fisheries. The UK Independence Party see this as a threat to Britain's sovereignty and its naval htradition.
  2. Now just what are the duties of the Coast Guards, as far as I can see it all they do is to monitor shipping around the coast of the country.
  3. Many other EU nations also have boder security issues along their coastline. Many of those being smuggled in from North Africa and though turkey to the Greek Islands are headed for UK.

    If you look at the SOCA website it will give you and idea of the volume of contraband and illegal immigration that comes to Uk from that far out.

    The EU has introduced Rapid Border Intervention Teams (RABIT) which allow forces from one country to be flexed over to support another in times of need. The UK opted out of this, obviously sensing a threat to our so-called national integrity.
    I thought it was Doctors in Jeep Cherokees who were attacking us these days not Bonaparte and the Armada.

    When your national RABIT team deploys to support EU, the EU funds all the Unit's costs.

    For example, the EU are currently paying for the Maltese Navy who are deployed in the Agean to counter people trafficing from Turkey.

    You could probably have paid for a company or two of R Irish (HSF) like this

    See the link for what they actually do. Individually there are one or two ********* amongst them but generally they are a very professional organisation
  5. At one point, IIRC, it was possible for American citizens to do their version of National Service with the US Coastguard.
  6. Which was probably more dangerous than the National Guard like Georgey boy.
  7. Isn't the US Coastguard part of the armed forces? I always thought of them as a sort of coastal navy.
  8. It is. US Coastguard patrol vessels are doing service in the Northern Arabian Gulf.
  9. US Coastguard has it's own Special operations Unit, though I can't remember the unit's title or role. :oops:
  10. The USCG doesnt have any special operations units, at least not by the DoD definition. They do have some special capabilities Port Security Units,Deployable Pursuit Boats and OTH RIBS.

  11. There may be some mileage in merging some of the various agencies here in the UK without worrying about the Europeans. In my local small East coast harbour the other week there were boats from;

    Coastguard (visiting)
    Fisheries protection
    Harbour master
    Customs & Excise
    Trinity House (visiting)
    Univ. Naval squadron

    and the RNLI

    Excepting the RNLI which are a charity, all of the above we pay for directly or indirectly and each has its own back-up support organisation. There must be mileage in merging some of these in some way (or their support organisations) as they all indeed were using pretty similar vessels and they all spend a great deal of time tied to the jetty's and very little at sea. :twisted:
  12. Might I suggest for a moment that the University Naval units be left untouched? How else will future Naval officers learn such skills as navigation, leadership, how-to-hang-on-to-your-iPod, dumping small arms into the oggin etc.....?
  13. I suspect as the article speculates that this consolidation is intended to provide an EU Navy. In time the EU plan is to have its members consolidate the various armed forces under the EU flag. Essemtially I think all members will lose control over their armed forces. The next step would be for the various members to disband their respective national governments in favor of Brussels.
  14. Is that like the way all the individual US states had to disband their Legislatures, Jusistictions, National Guard units and militias??

    We are already governed by the US over here, our forces seemed to have belonged to the Pentagon for the past 30 years ( remember who trained Bin Laden for the CIA?)

    Could Europe be any worse :?:
  15. If this really is a thin-end-of-the-wedge towards creating an EU Navy (with a capital 'N') then the next step would be an EU Air Force to provide air cover and S&R capability, after which it would be a small step to finalise an EU Army whereby NATO would re-brand itself as 'EU Armed Forces'.

    Accepting EU finance for maintaining small coastal patrols and possibly deploying a few boats out of Gib and Cyprus in support against smugglers and illegal immigrants is one thing, but I would sincerely hope that the Senior Service would NOT knuckle under and surrender the real Navy to EU control.