European Affletiks


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Don't know if it is ladies night or what, but there are some uber fit birds on display.

6' blonde German and Swedish high jumpers, well worth the perving.
Olga Slamydickinthefridgeyabitch 27 stone shotputter, quintriple chins and shoulders like boulders. would you perve that up auld yin

you gotta take the rough with the smooth.

arm pits like rainforests too !!
I too was impressed by the standard of totty on display, but to be honest, without Paula Radcliffe crimping off a length mid-race I feel the whole event lacked a certain je ne sais quoi.

(Edited for shit typing)
There was some top class totty on view even an older one :)
You mean Merlene Ottey. She's 50 FFS and still running 100m at international level.......however, whilst she may be physically fit she possess the hands of an ogre and the facial features of Richard Pryor (draw a moustache on, you'll see)