Europe unveils British astronaut

Well done, him. :1: Any idea when he might actually be flying and with whom? :?
Proof that all Army air Cops members are potential Space cadets.


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One up for Tiny Weeny Airways. You would have thought that some fast air hero would have been in their first.
Well done Tim!! I take it he's a graduate of ETPS judging from his present job?

Btw would have thought years and years ago, with our high caliber of grads from Boscombe Down that the MoD would have seconded to NASA pre Helen Sharman and Michael Foale.

I recall back at school in the 80s, there was a Scaly Back major who came to talk to us about his experiences at Kennedy as he was destined to participate in a shuttle mission to support Skynet. Unfortunately due to the Challenger disaster he and his crew stood down after they did the training.0 Can't remember the other members of the Trio if they were RN or RAF or other branches of Army.
Hmm soon to be blasted from Middle Wallop to the middle of no where!
Well done Tim! Yep, he's an ETPS grad and an all round bon oeuf. Wouldn't like to be sharing the ISS with a gwar though. It'll smell like a bus shelter after a few days. :D

Raven, as an aside, Tim Mace (former AAC, former ETPS) was pipped at the post by Helen Sharman to be the first Brit in space under Project Juno. She was a food tech who made choc flavourings and he was a test pilot so naturally they went for the bird..... :roll:
Well done Tim,

God! I sound like an upper middle class tennis fan,

Top Bloke and I hope the ISS is stocked up on brew kit, I recall my farp in Sanski Most was always a bit lighter on the food and drink after Capt Peake had popped in, for a break.
Indeed well done, tough job ahead.

BTW it was rumoured for a while that the UK's astronaut this time would be a women again....obviously the rumour was wrong. :)
Well done tim! Good for recruiting, join the Army and you might get to be an astronaut!
It would be just perfect if he was called 'Tom'. :D
Full MoD story:

A test pilot with the Army Air Corps, Major Timothy Peake, has been accepted into the European Space Agency's Astronaut Corps it was announced today, Wednesday 20 May 2009.

Major Peake, aged 37, who helped train the first crews on the Apache helicopter was announced as one of six new recruits into the Astronaut Corps at a special ceremony in Paris today.

He said:

"It has been quite a difficult year and the waiting has been quite difficult during the past few weeks. If it wasn't for the British Army I wouldn't be in this position, so I'm very grateful for the training and support I've received from them also."

Speaking about today's announcement, Director Army Aviation, Brigadier David Short, said:

"Major Tim Peake is unquestionably one of the finest officers I have had the privilege to command. He has the aviation skill-set, tenacity and determination to excel in everything he does yet remains an extremely modest and clearly very talented individual.

"He was an outstanding Army Air Corps Flight Commander, Qualified Helicopter Instructor and Apache Pilot who progressed to the Empire Test Pilots' School where he was awarded the best student prize. A truly gifted individual, it has come as no surprise to me that he has been selected from 10,000 applicants to reach the last of the prestigious European Space Agency Programme."

Air Vice Marshal Anderson, the MOD's Senior Responsible Owner for Space Matters, said:

"The MOD offers warmest congratulations to Major Peake on his selection. It is a fantastic achievement of which he should be extremely proud. His selection shows the high calibre of our Service personnel and their ability to compete in this expanding and challenging area."

"If it wasn't for the British Army I wouldn't be in this position, so I'm very grateful for the training and support I've received."

The European Space Agency says its new astronauts were judged solely on their ability to do the job.

Major Peake and his new colleagues will now train to fly to the space station.

Major Peake currently lives in Salisbury, Wiltshire. He is a helicopter test pilot and has a degree in flight dynamics. He flies primarily Apache helicopters and has over 3,000 hours to his credit.

He was commissioned into the Army Air Corps (AAC) in 1992. He completed an eight-month attachment to The Royal Green Jackets in Northern Ireland, where he served as a Platoon Commander. Having attended the Army Pilots Course he gained his wings in June 1994 and was subsequently posted to Germany as a Gazelle pilot.

During his first tour he also spent five months flying in Northern Ireland prior to gaining aircraft commander and flight commander status. He deployed with his flight to Kenya and later on operations to Bosnia. He also attended exercises in Canada, Cyprus and Denmark and completed a Combat Survival and Rescue Officers Course.

In 1998, he attended a Qualified Helicopter Instructors (QHI) Course at RAF Shawbury followed by a tour at Middle Wallop, instructing students on the Army Pilots Course. He was selected for an exchange posting to the USA in September 1999 and was posted to the 1st Battalion 227th Aviation Regiment in Fort Hood, Texas.

On completion of his conversion to both the Apache AH-64A and AH-64D, Major Peake spent 12 months as the Operations Officer, where he was heavily involved in the unit's integration into the US Army's First Digitized Division. The remainder of his overseas tour was spent flying the Apache as a Platoon Commander.

In 2002 he was posted to Middle Wallop as one of the first British Army QHIs instructing on the UK Apache. He attended staff training in 2003, followed by an 18-month tour as a QHI with the Air Manoeuvre Training Advisory Team in Dishforth, preparing the first two AAC Apache Squadrons for deployment on operations.

He was awarded a four-star commendation for his efforts in introducing the UK Apache into service. He was selected for Empire Test Pilots' School in January 2005 and on graduating was posted to the Rotary Wing Test Squadron (RWTS), Boscombe Down.

He was employed as the senior Apache test pilot and squadron training officer. On completion of his tour at RWTS, Major Peake retired from the AAC aged 37, having served for 17 years. He remains committed to reservist service in the AAC.

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