Europe-to be in or not to be in-that's the question?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pensionpointer, Dec 20, 2012.

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  1. Torygraph - David Cameron commits to fighting 2015 election on anti-Europe ticket

    David Cameron commits to fighting 2015 election on anti-Europe ticket - Telegraph

    Excellent, that's the Tories losing another election then. Don't they understand that we are better in, pissing out, than out being pissed on?

    The bulk of the electorate are actually relatively pragmatic about Europe - it's on our doorstep, it's our playground and supermnarket and it's a club where we can actually have some clout. It's a bit like a golf club - yes there are members fees but we have a place on the committee. It will cost us far more to resign our membership and have to pay visitor green fees!

    This just demonstrates how out of touch the Tories are with the middle ground in this country.


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  2. ... a statement you've just plucked out of thin air perhaps?
  3. Fear of UKIP on the back benches, spits in the Tory base, Dave's been cornered into this, if the poll numbers don't change radically he's pretty much doomed anyway.
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  4. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    Strange - I though just about every opinion poll showed a majority of the electorate were in favour of leaving the EU.

    And I also thought UKIP were picking up votes because none of the mainstream parties are catering for this opinion.

    But hey, don't let inconvenient facts get in the way of a good rant....

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  5. Well there is little else to do out here but...

    Surely you meant: "just about every opinion poll showed a majority of those polled were in favour of leaving the EU." Slight difference me-thinks? And anyway I am the very middle of middle England (politically and geographically when I am in-country) and it's what I think...and I in my poll 100% of the sample population agreed with me! That's probably more credible and less biaised than most opinion polls!



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  6. Leaving the EU? Hurray! At last. Should never have joined the ****ing thing in the first place. The whole thing is a German plot, who, in league with their cowardly collaborating chums the French, have now succeeded in achieving what Herr Hitler and Napoleon set out to do in successive centuries of our recent history.

    **** off Europe (and take the rancid little squirts from Scotland with you).
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  7. That's unfair and potentially libellous. Although some are certainly rancid, there are many that are not, including the malodorous slum-dwelling, benefits-swilling city rats. In addition, there are very few 'little' people in Scotland - unless, of course, you are referring to intellect and motivation.
  8. All Barry is saying is that within the Beltway the UK value to the US as a bastion of free trade is expected to shrivel on exit from the EU. No reason on earth why plucky little England should cow tow to the strategic interests of it's principle protector DC when it could be having a good long spit flecked rant at the Frogs. This will of course be very good for the Irish relationship with US venture capital, their'll be bulging eyed portraits of yerman's Farage in every Culchies parlor.
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  9. I don't fully disagree with you, but I am working out of Athens at the moment, my consultants are in Denmark and our suppliers are all over europe, the way the mediterainian countries work or are not working are fairly shite and Europe is being Dragged down by these countries until they leave the Euro and get their own currency back they are well and truely****ed, we could still do business with "Europe" out side of Europe, keeping our own standard and control.

    The UK could if they wanted sell stuff to europe cheaper than the Europeans can, and should exploit this, I think the free market is a good thing, but the French will look after French Companies, Greece is looking after Greek companies, the UK is looking after every body else but not UK companies so much.

    I think we are better off out of it as Europe at the moment is going to colapse on it self very soon.
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  10. Just for once I'd like to see an honest assessment of what we pay and what we gain for and from European membership.

    If we gain more than we pay in (through direct or indirect sources going both ways) then stay in and start making it work for us. If the benefits aren't justified by the cost then get out.

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  11. JBM,

    I will give you an honest assessment, we are paying in, and what we are paying in is covering Greece, Italy,Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Cyprus will have their beggin bowl out soon enough!

    We are getting **** all back, I had a meeting with management to bring a specialist company from the UK to carry out a project, basically they****ed me off, saying that the "GreeK" equivelant would be date due to union problems, lazy workshy practices we are now three months behind, the Greek specialist contractor did not specialize in what was required and the project is now suffering.......the only comfort is that I get to read my report pointing out who made the decision to bring on the Greek company......this attitude goes over most of southern an eastern europe.