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Europe terror attacks

GCHQ Attack - interesting one, the perp, pleaded guilty, does not seem to fit the usual profile of someone who would attack a US Int Operative? No reason has been given as yet, he was ex GCHQ himself so must at some stage been security cleared to a high level, he seems to state terrorist motivation but what cause does he support? watch this space?

He killed two, decapitated one, mutilated both and stabbed a third who managed to survive and was stopped from killing a fourth. Also found to have around 300, 000 euros in his home and is suspected of channelling funds to terrorists. All extensively reported in the Irish media, despite what that "Chris" alleges.

Reported yes, but playing down the Islamo fascism angle
Report states eight rounds fired and she was still taken to hospital not the morgue! Am a bit concerned at the standard of French Plods marksman/personship? should have been a good group?

If you're aiming at a woman "in full veil", what are you aiming at?
If you're aiming at a woman "in full veil", what are you aiming at?