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We in India don't entertain a so called "Royal family" living a sybarite life on tax payers money as our rulers. In India one has to fight an election to hold an office of power. Even a poor village boy from a remote village can dream of becoming the head of the state, that's the beauty of the republic.
India has the best politicians money can buy.


And is delighted, because he thought they’d all been wiped out in the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event...

Delete 'Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction'

Insert 'Cretinous-pillock's excitement'.


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Can't take your "god" being criticised? How very weak and turd world of you. Now get that punks moving faster, your master doesn't pay you 1 rupee a week for nothing you know.

Gandhi is my God ?

Far from it,he is amongst the most lampooned historical figures in India, so you won't unnerve me by calling him names....

But why so defensive about that family of scroungers ?


India has the best politicians money can buy.

What is so shocking or earth shattering about politicians selling their soul for money ?

They do it all over the world. Some call it lobbying, others call it corruption.

Unfortunately the British politicians are such a denigrate that nobody would buy them even if they sell themselves for free.
such a prolixity doesn't bother me
Oooo, someone's getting uppity.

Back to the thesaurus.
It came free with his purchased degree in combined brain surgery and rocket science.

I'll be having you know Sahib, he's a jolly tophole clever punka-wallah fellow that @earth. For a damned coolie.



Back to the thesaurus.

Unfortunately my vocabulary bank is plenished with four digit figures that came along with 18 years of education and i have a predilection for expanding it further so as to unleash my verbose on the gora sahibs :)