"Europe needs a President"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Jun 9, 2011.

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  1. He's no chance if it ever comes down to a vote. It will be like the Eurovision Song Contest but without the talent!
  2. The rest of europe can have a president if it so choses. Right after the UK leaves the EU.
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  3. Bliar must be touting around for a new job now he's brought peace to the Middle East.

    The basic problem euro mongs like Bliar can't get their heads around is that on the world stage, only the UK and France matter a flying ****. The rest of the euros are nobodies and nobody cares what they think.

    Rather unsurprisingly, the leadership of both the UK and France see no milage in handing over all their prestige and power to 'elected' Presidents from far away places no one can find on the EU map with bloody strange sounding names.
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  4. Considering his success as peace envoy to the middle east, he is well qualified to head the EU. I saw the grinning turd on the news this morning. I felt quite ill and could only console myself on how old he looks now.
  5. If we're going to get one foisted upon us, I'd rather it was Berlusconi.
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  6. I quite enjoyed watching him look very very uncomfortable on the issue of a fresh inquiry into the death of Dr Kelly.
    He didn't look very happy with the idea.
  7. It would appear to me that the only time this man makes any noise is when he's sniffing around for some cash. The wide mouth frog must have spunked all of his cash.
  8. No it doesn't.
  9. Fecker had about 6 minutes on aunty Beeb this morning. I understand that coincidentally the paperback version of his book is about to be launched.

    And "No it doesn't" is my offering.
  10. But we already have a president and he lives in a big white house in Washington. He lets us fight in his wars and hire some of his nuclear missiles to load into our subs so we can claim to have an independent nuclear deterrent. Isn't he good to us?
  11. I guess the middle east peace-maker would want a female president, maybe a woman who has had a successful career in a males dominated sphere (such as the law), who is also mother and from a minority too - maybe even a Scouser. Anyone got any suggestions?

    Failing her, there is also Mandleson, or Kinnock or Hattersley or Sting or Geldof or Bono maybe even the Stig.

    Being a bit of a socialist, I despise Bliar and his nasty money grabbing wife. I only hope the kids grow up half decent.
  12. Wonder if the ridiculous idea of a European superstate will die with Bliar. He seems to be the only one with any faith left in the whole corrupt system (Or faith in the money he could make from such a system)

    Imagine the celebration if they both fcuked off into the sunset!
  13. Europe needs a president like a fish needs an umbrella...
  14. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    I think we should make Blair president, then send him on a nice motorcade through Sarajevo. Maybe history will repeat itself.

    Except, owing to military overstretch, the UK won't have the military capability to avenge Blair's demise. How sad.....