Europe Needs 20m more Immigrants

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AndyPipkin, Sep 13, 2007.

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  1. Just what we need, another 20 million scroungers.
  2. Well they could always take a couple of million off the UK's hands...

    Old Franco must be a true fruitloop. If you look at the problems in France, Germany, Italy and Spain with the existing immigrants, how can these countries be expected to cope with more?

    Until someone comes up with a working model for integrating immigrants then any mass immigration into the EU will cause strife and strengthen the extreme right of politics.
  3. Aye, and when they get here, they'll be breeding like they come from Benwell.
  4. Maybe if we got all the people who already lived here, doing the jobs that people are risking their lives coming here to do, we wouldn't need to find houseing etc for 20M new people.

    But then, maybe I'm just a tw@t who thinks my little country's already full :x
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The bl00dy Italians want 20m immigrants because they are good fodder for the Mafia.

    We want 20m immigrants like a hole in the head.
  6. For a moment I thought it said that "Europe wants 20mm on immigrants". Then I realised it was too good to be true.
  7. Surely that should read "We want 20m immigrants with a hole in the head"?
  8. I hope they are all female, fit, slim and blonde - it'll make our mingers start to take care of their chavvy appearanc! :p
  9. Send them all I say. We can put them all to work on the same day as cockle pickers in Morecombe when there's a spring tide due.
  10. Nope I do not get this at all. When/where are we restricting access?
  11. Supply and demand is a wonderful thing, but the big employers will simply use it to enforce lots of strict conditions on the workforce. Take the job or we'll replace you with an eastern european who is genuinely happy to work for minimum wage!

    If the workforce continues to rise - and I mean a genuine workforce, rather than scroungers - then property will also feel the effect of supply and demand. House prices will continue to rise and more first-time buyers will suffer. Hooray for capitalism.
  12. Misread that - wondered why we needed "female, fit, slim and blonde" miners.
  13. The Financial Times is a suspect publication with obscure goals. Not so long ago they also ran a story as to how Christmas is dead and good riddance since it was all a Dickensian invention.
  14. PD, from personal experience with employers who have brought in 'cheap' CEE workers nearly all apart from those with the most manual or basic jobs (cleaners, barmen, shelf-stacker, etc) have dispensed with the imported labour and gone back to British. This has resulted in 2 kinds of CEE employee in the UK: a thick layer at the very bottom, and a small dusting among the professionals (doctors, accountants, bankers, architects, etc). They are however very prominent (and welcome) in the building sector (provided you have a site manager and architect who can ensure modern building standards are applied).

    Arguably the biggest problem facing a significant number of people leaving comprehensive schools in England is that they have no skills an employer can use. They cannot read complex documents, nor can they write in a clear and concise manner; text speak is their limit. While I am against a return to the worst excesses of the post war period (state schools to turn out drones for the factories), I am also against the absurd New Liarbour principle of forcing 50% of school leavers to attend university, when a more realistic figure is about 15-20%. That a person has a degree should be an achievement, but should not mask the fact that experience counts for a great deal, especially if on top of a good education (and I am not talking snob here with Eton etc. I mean getting a proper education which instills mental discipline, agility, reasoning and knowledge).

    The UK is facing a 'lost generation' of people who have left schools with no skills. The minority of these are the most high profile: chav scum and scroungers. The vast majority will end up in dead end jobs because they do not have the skills when leaving school to do better. A minority of these will later attend evening classes, university, college etc and escape the rut. Brains after all has nothing to do with what school you went to or how rich your parents were.

    House prices in the UK are directly linked to immigration. There are 600,000 plus Poles living in the UK, and while many of them will be living 4 to a room, the majority will not. It is also the case that 1st and 2nd generation immigrants tend to work harder at self improvement that indigenous populations (explains the huge number of asian doctors and lawyers and accountants - their percentage of these professions is far above thier population share). Culturally a lot of immigrants have larger families than is normal in the UK. In areas of Africa you need to have 10+ kids just so that 2 or 3 reach adulthood and can care for you when you are old. Other immigrants (e.g. Poles) have a religious aspect to birth control (being Catholic they are supposedly against it, though this usually only kicks in when they are married).

    London is its own unique property market for many reasons, but can be summed up as being a result of it not only being the capital of the UK, but is also a global city. Even ignoring the 'mega' bonuses of some lucky (and v.hardworking) people in 'the city', the amount of foriegn cash coming in (Russian, Arab, Asian, American, etc) forces prices through the roof and keeps them there.