Europe in Decline

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. Depends on your outlook - To me Europe is becoming much more adaptive to globalization than America for example, who tend to try and westernise other countries and cultures, creating an imperial culture rather than mix them so that the outcome is a diluted cocktail of all diversities.

    Is the European economy going into decline? Give it a few years when dependancy on other countries starts to play a more vital role, then ask that question again. My guess is while we won't be at the top we'll certainly not be at the bottom as he suggests.
  2. Or a refusal to admit that American foreign policy in the last few years may have led to this?
  3. A lot of American policy wonks, commentators, Neo-Cons etc are cacking themselves (wrongly IMO) about the "coming superpowers", India, China etc, and they find relief by projecting their insecurities onto "Europe", which - in their minds - only exists by virtue of American largesse, "sacrifice" etc.. They don't like to be told this (see !!!), but it seems to me that American carping/ gloomy prognostications/ gleeful (manic?!) derision/ paranoia etc re "Europe" tells the rest of us a lot more about them than it does about us. Watch for reactions to this...!!
  4. Should we be anything but? As a country they believe they can take what they want, when they want.

    Another argument is why are Americans so set on proving they're stronger than their allies? They've begun to believe their own hype, never mind I'll sit back in my European helplessness and bite my tongue when China take over as the leading economy when Americas external resources start to dry up. Oh no wait I forgot America's methodology - they will claim what's China's is theirs and what's theirs is theirs too... :roll: Oh but then of course America did it all themselves...
  5. Sorry, you've lost me.

    You guys seem to be talking about the Europe that is economically competitive, entrepreneurial, dynamic in innovation, excelling in R&D, non-bureaucratic, low unemployment and open to new ideas!

    where does this europe exist again?
  6. Instead of another link how about giving your opinion. Start by rating Europe on it's own not compared to other economies.
  7. Yes, tigerbaby, and we British would never behave like that, would we?
  8. Have read "Federalist" article: precisely the sort of smug, self-deluded bunkum that will ultimately result in American humiliation somewhere on a major scale. Seems to me the author has a deluded notion of the "cultural state" of many parts of the USA, but then "preppies" have always struck me as notably up themselves, and - frankly - plain fukcin' thick: these are the people who run the State Dept, Wall St, Dept of Defense etc, and they make our Oxbridge "mandarins" look quite brilliant by comparison. Never forget - although most Americans don't get this (having bought all that "ho-down, hot dang, wang leather, I'm a Texan oilman" bullshit) that the Shrub is one of these people.
  9. No country is innocent but the difference is the decisions made and the actions taken, even the level of responsiblity they claim over the consequences.
  10. It seems to me that they have also forgotten the single most salient point in the argument about economic or population statistics of Europe and America.

    One of the primary reasons that European stats are so shoddy at the moment are the former eastern bloc countries joining Europe with poor economic situations, high unemployment and so on. Although it is currently true that the majority of these economies are in a pretty bad state, it is also true that, in the majority of cases, they are gradually evolving well.The Polish and Baltic states are routinely sending their young professionals and students to study western European (primaril British) methods of business. Although others, such as Croatia or Hungary, are still too corrupt or unformed for decent levels of investment, they have taken home this message and are making substantial efforts to change. We always knew that it would take a long time for these economies to reach levels where they can play with the big boys but it will happen and I suspect that we will suddenly find the statistics swinging heavily back in our favour as they stop being a drain on Europe and start competing heavily with financial centres.
  11. Shortage in some vital resources is a weak point of American economy. Also we can add very high cost of work-force. Huge state debt is a tcking bomb. Trade deficit is too big - clear indication of unhealthy state of economy. Huge defense (or attack?) spendings are rising faster than the whole economy. Blackouts, shortage of electiricity (blood of economy) in California and other regions show that USA suffer from economical anemia. Racial problems, high level of criminal, 2mln. prisoners affect living standards.

    But at whole US is a world economical leader, powerful state with advanced science and excellent prospects for future development.

    Contradiction? Not at all. Both USA and EU have own problems and strong points (existence of Russia with huge natural resorces is rather advantage of EU).

    My main point. If an article uses only black colour then you can use facts from it but not conclusions.
  12. The single biggest problem Europe faces is its declining birthrate. Evedrything else can be overcome one way or another, but without enough kids today, the future is pretty grim.