Europe Commits Suicide

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Seadog, Sep 5, 2005.

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  1. The Italian writer Oriana Fallaci is facing jail after suggesting in her book 'The Force of Reason' that Islam and the West's attitude to it puts the West in grave danger. Her most strident Muslim opponent (in Italy) is suspected of calling upon Muslims to eliminate her. So she may have a point?

    Full interview with Oriana Fallaci here. Powerful, eloquent (I'm assuming she gave the interview in English) stuff.

    Oriana Fallaci

    I for one, if it's not too Nazi for Arrse, agree with her.
  2. saw same article and thought it an excellent example of the state of hypocracy within western europe of freedom of speech.

    it is a shame that the leftie liberal media refuse to follow this, but anyone who suggests that europeans should be proud of their history and (individual) cultures (and dares to praise the Pope) is obviously of no consequence to them.
  3. Darn those 'free speech' hating Italians

    No link, story from factiva.
  4. I fear it's not the last we have heard of this.
  5. Oriana Fallaci is a complete raving fruitcake: If she opened her mouth in Ireland, UK, or Fance and expressed her most fevoured opinions, she be sent straight to the clanger, she's that far right.

    a racist, dangerous person, with all the angst of a 15 year old goth who's getting the attention she craves.

    all she's doing is taking the same old rants against evil 'others' that threaten 'us' and must be fought.

  6. Bombard wrote:

    Are you indulging in a bit of exteme irony there Bombard?

    No, just right.
  7. If anything was said by an extremist muslim advocating murder, the overthrow of parlimentary democracy and their general poison we give them Asylum,houses, money, legal aid etc. If something controversial, but in no way as disgusting as Smith or any of his fellow travellers such as Masari, Baraki Dr Hook etc is said by a middle class white christian there is uproar and the tired old race card is played. I'm not sure about her but she has highligthed some realities.

    How do you propose she be "fought" a few demos outside the students union?
  8. [align=right]No mate, she's so faarrrrrrr right she calls Le Pen a communist. [/align]

    Come on dude, there's been people like her throughout our bloody history. She's just the latest xenophobic, racist, over religious, nationalist, tool.

    She has just enough facts to make people think she's right about her lies. Basic procedure when lying to people. Tell them lots of little truths to get them to believe the one big lie.

    And again: If she opened her mouth in Ireland, she'd be charged. The same in UK, the same in France. I'm not sure about the laws in other European countries.
  9. Lads, I'm not excusing any terrorist-Muslim or red army faction. All I'm saying is that this particular lunatic is wrong as well. She's about as much right to spout the rubbish as they do.

    Wonder where the journo's parents were from? "Tunku Varadarajan"?

    On a different note, Driving home last night I passed a 00-D Focus with two little European flags beside the middle brake light. First one I've seen.
  10. Parents are southern Indians, bloke was born in Dehli - was lecturer a lecturer in law.

    If you actually read her polemic The Rage and The Pride its not that great. Its full of embarrasing mistakes, sterotypes and displays a quite a lot of ignorance. However being typical Fallaci it's quite fun to read.

    She has always been an egocentric show boater her excruciating memoir of her affair with a leftist Greek terrorist being the prime example of her egocentricty.
    Its actually not that suprising to see her become such a rabid Islamophobe, her previous anti-americanism was hilarious - she basically was a follwer of the Tehran school of anti-americanism.
    Even back then she was even too much for some Italian communists.

    She is and will always be a hyper-extremist, who loves publicty and nothing is going to change that.
  11. Yes you are.
  12. No he's not :twisted:
  13. No good arguing with the Irish of any persuasion over anything..............they think their right all the time...duplitious tw@ts
  14. Well, that was a decent discussion derailed by a nice bit of slagging.
    Anybody going to come up with something even vaguly interesting and relevant to the italian nutcase? or is it game set and match that yes, she is a nutcase?
  15. I didn't know of Falluci or her work/associations before yesterday. I agree with what she says in the linked article and share her fears.

    Bombard, how do Muslims get on in Ireland? Not that many (as a percentage) are there? Why do you think that is? Is there hostility towards Muslims? How about in Ulster? Welcome Asif, or not?

    The French guard their culture more jealously than the rest of Europe (though not from the Germans) so I doubt there would be that much of an uproar unless a 'final solution' was advocated. As for Oriana Falluci 'changing sides', she's Italian...and right.

    And as for "stereotypes" castlereagh, even one Muslim calling for her to be 'eliminated' has gone a long way to proving her point.