Euromux withdrawn from service?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, Apr 26, 2004.

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  1. Heard the two TA regiments are shortly to loose this equipment and re-role as CNR/NCRS regts in 2 Sig Bde (or maybe getting COMORANT).

    Anyone know how they are going to convert all the class 1 - AS Ops/Tele Op(Sys)/YoS(E) to RS Ops/YoS(NC)?? (PD9 says YoS's in 2 Sig Bde only have to be class 1 RS Ops).

    Is 2 Bde going to introduce AS Op trade? (NCRS/Reebok/Saint could be said to be AS Op dets).
  2. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Assuming this is true (I have not heard this rumour recently) bet they can't wait to get to 2 Bde and get their hands on some modern kit... Oh wait a minute - NCRS........................

    Boy are they in for a disappointment.

    PB I would expect there to be a period of transition during which all class 1 quals are recognised, but a deadline is set for changing to 2 Bde trades.
    this is what happened before when RR ops had to change to RS Ops or RTgs or whatever we were calling it then.....

    Might cause some problems later on as Class 1 is now required for promotion to Sgt.

  3. The decisions not confirmed but 36 Sigs have already begun converting to NC (elements have already attended 2 Sig Bde trade camps). 11 Sig Bde doesn't want them on the Bde ex this year, so the majority will re-trade during their anual camp.

    Disappointment? .... No. I've been in both TA brigades and its definitley better in 2 Sigs Bde - Far less maintenance for starters
  4. Anyone heard any other rumors about 36 and 40 Sigs?

    Heard they may be getting disbanded
  5. Existing systems (PTARMIGAN, EUROMUX, RTTS/DLAN) are too manpower intensive, so the Front Line Commands cannot meet Defence concurrency requirements. Current systems also lack capacity, flexibility, mobility, protection and interoperability
    FALCON will provide a tactical formation level secure communication system for the UK and the ARRC and will replace current in service systems. It will operate in conjunction with systems such as BOWMAN, CORMORANT, SKYNET V and other communications and information systems. It will not duplicate the capability of other systems, but will be the high capacity system that binds together tactical communications in a theatre of operation.

    make of that what you will
  6. GWB,

    Are you trying to say, that the introduction of comorant meant that Euromux had no role? So when Falcon is introduced this will lead to similar reduction in units (which ones TA or Reg).
  7. i would imagine that the manpower would be moved around to fill gaps, not actually lost
    i only know what i read, and i have not seen anything on manning yet