Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ciggie, Oct 24, 2011.

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  1. Not exactly every week, but several times a year, this 'game' pays out prizes in excess of 100m Euros....the prizes are a shallow reflection of how much money is ploughed in across the continent to this 'punters are the losers' game. The winners are not charities, nor the punters, but mainly, if I remember from the 'Richard Branson is bribed not to bid for Camelot' scandal,( now years old), the American company that makes billions across the globe from providing the 'technology' to run this scam. Considering the pathetic financial state of certain countries and the Eurozone as a whole, isn't it time to tell such profiteers to sling their hook and let local governments take over, and use those obscene profits to ease the pressure on the taxpayer ? Only wondering.
  2. Of course if you had won the £161m a few months ago,your view would be very different.
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Nope if you think my two quid a week is funding an outreach programme for unemployed ******* and suicide bombers.
    When I win the big one you won't see me for dust.
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  4. Of course you very right its all a cunning ploy to get poor people to give their hard earned pennies to big business, now hang on while I check my Lottery account.

    Congratulations! You're a winner £3.20

    EuroMillions ticket number 1412037424 This prize has already been paid to your National Lottery Account. Please view your transactions
    Congratulations! You're a winner £3.00

    Thunderball ticket number 1412037449 This prize has already been paid to your National Lottery Account. Please view your transactions

    **** me I'm minted £ 6.20
  5. No,no,no, Van and Syrup !!! I'm not remotely suggesting that the lucky punters should give up their winnings to Brussels, but that the whole scam should be given over to national governments and the profits be**** I need another drink to tyhink this one over......
  6. Do yourself a favour, don't bother. Thinking that can carry on drinking yourself to death.
  7. Well, all in all it is an admission of the stupidity of the average person that even if they have been conned into believing that alot of their gambling money (their choice) will go to good causes, like British sport...oh, lordy... even if this coshcow was taken out of the hands of offshore profiteers and given over to governmental responsibility, the results would largely be the same... Lottery Commission ??? That's the wonderful thing about large sums of money, they disappear like Captain Kirk saying ' Beam me up, Scotty', and nobody knows or cares where they go...whilst causing international instability by suggesting they have somehow left the planet. Yes, drink myself to death, good idea compared to the demise of many that's just over the horizon....
  8. Is diesel quite inexpensive where you live because you appear to drink fuel tankers full of it?
  9. IIRC GTech, who were instrumental in developing the UK National Lottery are no longer involved in the day to day operation of our lottery they sold off their 10% share in the consortium after the Branson case. If you think that the UK lottery is being used exclusively for "good causes" think again, we lost accountability of the "good causes" with the creation of the Big Lottery Fund.

    Perhaps you should be spending more time illustrating the other lotteries that have recently "sprung up" in UK, the Health Lottery which only gives 20% of its ticket value to "Health Causes" (the National Lottery contributes 28.5%). Now that really is a No Brainer, 80% of the ticket value goes to the operator, to pay a meagre prize fund, maximum 100K. The owner is none other than the Express Newspapers group/Channel 5, run by ex pornographer Richard Desmond.
  10. Thanks Bob, I hope that clarifies a bit to others that I'm not talking entirely off the top of my hat. Sod being a winner of any of these lotteries...just being on the board of directors would be quite enough. Euro financial crisis ? Not for some.
  11. I buy a ticket hoping to win shit loads of cash. I couldn't give a **** where my money goes after that.
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  12. I can just imagine handing it over to governments to run. It'd be a billion quid in debt after a year and the new "Minister of Lotteries" would be jetting round the world on fact-finding missions to see how places like the Maldives and the Bahamas run their lotteries.
    And all winnings would be taxed.
  13. Under the original set up of the National Lottery the treasury take 12% of each ticket sold, I suspect that nowadays they get somewhat more as the 5 original "good causes" have been gradually merged and bodged to pay into NHS/Sports/Arts junkets. The original intention was that the 5 good causes would directly and independantly donate to deserving causes, unfortunately under Blair the independance was blurred with government "good causes".

    The original breakdown of the ticket for the National Lottery was:

    5% - To the Operator (Camelot) for network running costs and payment to the shopkeepers
    12% - To HM Treasury
    28.5% - To the Good Causes Funds
    Remainder to prize funds.

    This was the breakdown of the National Lottery only, sales of scratchcards and other games fall outside these terms.

    I believe the operator's share of the present lottery is between 0.3% and 0.5% of total revenue depending on the donations to good causes.

    The current "good causes" are:
    Health, Education, Environment, and charitable causes 50%
    Sports 16.67%
    Arts 16.67% Heritage 16.67%.

    So if you imagine that these were areas where previously Government funding would pay into these particular areas, you could view that the "Big Lottery Fund" has become part of government funding by default.
  14. Come to think of it, a 100m Euros or so would pay for a couple of second-hand HR4's plus arms. Feck Mark Thatcher's attempt, get Namibia, in one day. OK, the only problem would be the pilot daily rate & accom. But think of the diamonds....someone with REAL investment potential needs to talk to these lottery winners....
  15. Sometimes I wonder why people have O2 thief Tags. With you there is no doubt you dull kunt! If you don't agree with it don't buy a ticket - no **** off and drink some more Brasso fuckwit!
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