Eurofighter third tranche confirmed.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Themanwho, May 14, 2009.

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  1. Had a quick check but couldn't find a thread on this; mods please merge if there is on?

    Well let's face it no surprise really. It would have cost us umpty squillions to get out of the third tranche, and by all accounts typhoon is doing well as a mud mover now.

    So will A400 get the same treatment?
  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Yup, tranche 3 confirmed. Seems like air assets are safe with Lynx Wildthing and now Typhoon. Must be the carriers that will be cut. They will probably saw 100 feet off them and call them an improved response to world event.
  3. Whilst good news, this is actually a fairly vague announcement with no confirmation of the numbers or timelines. There was some discussion of T3 being divided into bite sized chunks to ease the funding burden or possibly offloading some to the Saudis/Omanis.

    Hopefully the latter in particular won't happen as these are the most capable of the Tiffs scheduled for delivery.

    I can't see CVF getting binned although F-35 and SSBN(F) must be very questionable.

  4. Assuming CVF isn't binned, then what are the aircraft that will fly from her? Limited numbers of F-35? 'Navalised' Typhoon? Buy F-18 E/F??
  5. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I suppose we could go French and get the Dassault Rafale, the French carriers are going to be setup for it so it makes a certain amount of sense. No redesign, aircraft ready etc. But how capable an airframe is it?
  6. You know deep down CVF will have Harriers flying off them for the next 15 years!

    The Navy has sold its soul to the devil to get them, even if they have nothing to fly off them i cant see them being cancelled!
  7. There is no way there will be a navalised typhoon. This has been stated by M_M several times as well as others. It has not been designed with naval operations in mind. It would be VERY expensive to do.
  8. Don't be so negative. They're British!

    Alright, bits are - that little knobbly thing just inside the port wheelhousing is; you know, the one with the Whitworh thread...
  9. Forgive my ignorance but surely the Bucc & Phantom were quite 'heavy'. I would imagine that an F18 Hornet weighs less than a F14. Why could not BAe at Warton make a naval Typhoon with a stronger higher oleo nosewheel and a tailhook ? I think the AUW of a Bucc was the same as a Lanc ??
  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I'm pretty sure theres more to it than making the wheels a bit stronger. ;)
  11. Oh FFS not this again.

    May I suggest Killaloe you do a search on this topic on ARRSE and PPRUNE for the gouge on why a navalised Typoon is a COMPLETE AND UTTER NON STARTER!!!!!!!!!

  12. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    Offloading the jets is merely a postponement in its own right MM. The 24 jets which have been earmarked for the Saudis from our tranche 2 are set to be replaced under a seperate contract. Same with the 24 jets likely to go to Oman, it doesn't mean that we get 24 less (ie only buy 16 in tranche 3a), just that they get their orders sooner and we have to pay for fewer of them initially.

    Just to clarify on the navalised Typhoon front it would require a complete redesign, almost from the ground up. It isn't just a case of beefing up the undercarriage etc, and there are some design characteristics of the Typhoon which make it difficult to operate, as is, from carriers.

    For instance the angle of attack on approach is too high for the pillock to see the deck, Typhoon can fly very low and slow but only at high aoa. In fact there are lots of potential problems, if we'd wanted to have our new fighter operate from carriers then we'd have jumped into bed with Dassault rather than the krauts, eyeties etc.

    BAes have said that they can do it but those in the know claim that its a gaffer tape and blue string heath robinson affair.

    Saying that the Typhoons rolling off the production lines have a much lower price tag than most people give them credit for. Around £40 million per copy for tranche 2. Pretty much a bargain compared to other comparable aircraft.

    It will almost certainly be F35s on the carriers, though don't be suprised if there arn't many of them. I pity the poor buggers who'll have to work on the flight decks, the F35 is a remarkably noisy aircraft, reports indicate 150 odd decibels in close proximity (somewhat beyond the range at which doubled up hearing protection is effective). The convicts are having to move their airfields around due to the noise levels associated with their proposed land based F35s.
  13. It's a matter of public record (evidence to the Select Cttee on Defence) that the MoD is not considering a navalised Typhoon. The quote went something like 'a navalised Typhoon is not Plan B, such an option is considerably further down the alphabet'.
  14. Having watched one perform at an airshow, I would love to fly in one.

    If I was a Typhoon pilot, I would have a permanent smile! :D

  15. we all know its time for the buccaneers to come out of mothballs again!!!!!!