Eurofighter deal in jeopardy.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Pillager, Dec 3, 2006.

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  1. Britain is over a barrel after an investigation into arms dealing threatens the Eurofighter contract to Saudi Arabia.

    This thing has gone from being a white elephant to a weight around our neck!

  2. Good. It's about time someone stood up to that particular democracy-free zone.

    Lets see. Who should be next on our list in the middle east? Somewhere most of us have seen...?


    (Apologies. Didn't have a good tour either time I was there).
  3. I spent over 12 years in Saudi Arabia as a civilian & it was the best 12 years of my life, it's no worse than the UK just very different.
    I don't see any point in upsetting them & losing a very valuable contract to the French.
    Business is business, why does the UK try to interfere with other Countries domestic affairs?.
  4. Why are the Saudis so worried? Surely this helps prove their guilt.

    If France had any morals they would not offer a deal to the Saudis; not dealing with corrupt regimes etc etc until the Saudis were in the clear.

    An article recently suggested far fewer jobs than the 50,000 jobs quoted depend on this contract.

    I'm proud that Blair, his cronies and the other parties can be investigated in the cash for honours probe without threatening the police force with loss of funds :roll:
  5. It's a fcuking shitehole whose population is hypocritical, obnoxious, extremely unpleasant and arrogant.

    Turn the place into glass and society would not be worse off....
  6. Sounds like any number of places off the M3, M4, M42 and M62 to me :wink:

    Just because our civilisation emerged from the dark ages around 1000 years ago, does not mean it won't do so again. Theirs could just be coming out of one ?
  7. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Let's not be too naive here. Bungs are a way of life in some parts of the world and middle East/Saudi culture accepts it. Ever paid a bit of bakeesh on holiday in Eygpt? However, to bring it out into the open and potentially embarress members of the Royal family is not the done thing.

    I know it is against the "law" but if you want business, it is what you may need to do. I know of someone who is annoyed that he can't win business in one area of the world as he can't match the bungs of competitors. Before I am approached for details he works for a non-uk based company and is not resident:D

    Agree the numbers involved will be less than 50,000 but the loss of a 50Bn project and potentially losing all the rest of the UK business in that country (which runs to a huge amount once you take into consideration the oil industry) will hurt the UK purse.

    Frankly, whilst we are going through an investigation into "cash for peerages" ourselves, it is a bit rich for people to get on to the high horse about this. Perhaps we should set our own house in order first? :roll:

    If we wnat to influence the Saudi's to a more corrrect business model, a lower profile discussion at a political level would be the way ahead here.
  8. There was a discussion about this on R4 Today a few days ago. The general feel was that this is an attempt by the Saudis to knock the price down a bit and that there isn't any real danger of the deal collapsing.
  9. Oh for gods sake lets just get Reid to lean on the police to wrap the whole thing up and then have Tone's old flatmate Charlie declare that prosecuting the case isn't in the public interest and move on. I'm bored of it all by now.