Eurodismal Wrong Contest - Shit or what?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cernunnos, May 13, 2011.

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  1. It's that time again, the time of year to avoid the television. I returned home from the walking the dog (through various pub tap rooms) last night to find the whole family sitting watching the preliminaries on Hermann telly. My chin hit the floor as I despise tellys in general and the "Grand Prix...." in particular. It did nothing for my mood when I noted that my Mother in Law, the queen of hell, was topping up her embalming fluid with a large glass of my Oban.

    I was unfortunate enough to catch the Irish entry, two skipping leprechauns, on acid and apparently dressed by chimps. Now I'm no fan of religion, but I now concur with the Holy Roman See, they do all need fucking up the arse.....

    Now is it just me, my illogical reaction to a fine seasonal entertainment. Or is it all a load of old shit?
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  2. Ahhhh Jedward, the Irish must be so proud.
  3. Yes.

    And 'Jedward' are in fact a pair of capybaras.


  4. Remember that episode of Father Ted? The one where he sings in the Eurovision Contest?

    Those cunning Micks are making damn sure they won't have to go to the expense of hosting this sorry f*cking mess next year.

    Do I hear "Null Points"?
  5. Listen chaps. I want Jedward to win. Now, now, calm the outrage.

    This whole Eurodismal thing costs a fucking packet. I mean, serious money, with fuck-all return for the taxpayer.

    Whoever wins this year has to stage the event next year.

    Ireland are already in serious financial shite, so let the fuckers win and then we won't have to stump up millions just when we're already paying for that other bottomless pit - the Borelympics.

    See the logic?
  6. Are Jedward singing 'My Lovely Horse'?
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  7. Better still. Let Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain tie for the win, then they can all flush themselves down the euronancial toilet together :-D
  8. YES! (You know it too)
  9. I really don't know why we're still in it. It's so political now, with European states voting for ech other and being so blatant about it. I mean, why would Serbia give maximum points to Bosnia? They started a fucking war against them for fuck sake. It's almost like they saying "We're so sorry about the old ethnic cleansing thing ... here have ten points and we'll say no more about it".

    Shit, that was a bit serious. Jedward are cunts.
  10. I find the whole thing to be fucking atrocious.
  11. Cernunnos you are getting cynical and perhaps even a bit bitter and twisted in your old age. I do however agree with you. As for Germanys entry Lena, I find that 2 goes is a bit too much, Lenaitis is spreading rapidly. Which reminds me you're a hunter, are mothers out law and gash singers protected species or is it permanent open season?
  12. Its a load of shite and a total waste of time...sadly we might be in with a chance of winning, because a Bosnian wrote the song that the Brits will perform....and we all know how these Eastern Europeans like to stick together.
  13. Jedward, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh. The most extraordinary pair of talentless mongs the world has ever seen, a better description might be a pair of pink Easter Island statues with splodge of shaving foam on their heads!!. Only stay together as it saves money on mirrors!! Listening to those two is like listening to a see-saw with a grievance. At least the Belarussian entry in 2004 made for some amusement - a goat herder-type playing a bizarre wind instrument!!
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  14. The Old Bat is still alive? Good god man,is there no chance of a wee hunting accident?
  15. the only problem with your cunning plan is that the "big 5" that is the 5 countries that are by default through to the final get that distinction by being the countries that actually pay for the whole mess.

    So it doesn't matter who wins as the UK, France, Germany and Spain (Italy as well if one of the other 4 win) will still pay for it all.

    Isn't that a fun situation :)