Euro Waste and Fraud

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Nov 10, 2008.

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  1. MEPs claim €820,000 for… nothing
    I have to take exception to this. I've seen a video on YouTube showing MEPs getting in to work on a Friday and signing on before 0700. Many of them had so many papers and documents with them that they were carrying suitcases instead of briefcases. That's how hard these folks work.

    Suggesting that they were just signing in for a day's pay before legging it to the airport to fly home for the weekend will shortly become a criminal offence under European law.

    The video is here:-

    It's in German with English subtitles so you can probably get an EU grant for watching it.

    After seeing this I'm sure you will appreciate our hard working MEPs, just like I do - especially the Irish one who threatened legal action and claimed that she'd been working the night shift from midnight to 0700. What dedication - rolling in for a double shift on a Friday.

    Blogg - shame on you. A couple of European Parliament security guards with diplomatic immunity and a European Arrest Warrant are on their way to your house as we speak. They'll be arresting you on suspicion of being a terrorist before taking you and your family to the EU dungeons in Brussels. Your house will then be bulldozed into the ground and mention of your name anywhere in the EU will become a criminal offence.
  2. A-M's version of 1984 for today...... the reality or some version of it is all to possible.
  3. Not surprising, and old news. I think this is partly why the EU's accounts have never been signed off
  4. The EU has to be the ultimate gravy train.

    MEP's manage to make the scum in the HOC look dilligent.

    No wonder there is no-one in power who wants to flick the switch on the Lisbon treaty.

    Who is supposed to be policing these self serving trough swillers?
  5. That would be, err, themselves.

    Like diplomats, MEPs have immunity from prosecution throughout the EU and applicant states. This is only fair as it puts them on an equal footing with MPs in other bastions of democracy such as Russia, North Korea and Zimbabwe.

    In practice, they do actually need this as, without immunity, many of them would be prosecuted for EU expenses fraud in their own countries. There are calls for immunity to be extended to some EU civil servants too.

    The Attorney General recently had to kiss the arrse of the European Parliament's Committee for Legal Affairs for permission to prosecute Ashley Mote MEP. Not content with his Euro dosh, Ashley committed £65,000 of benefit fraud in the UK while he was raking it in in Brussels too. On being caught, he simply asserted his right to immunity and walked out of the court.

    The Committee for Legal Affairs is not a court. It's just a bunch of MEPs deciding whether or not to allow the 'little people' to prosecute their mates. The British government had to wait 5 months for foreign MEPs to give 'permission' for a British citizen to be prosecuted in a British Court for defrauding British taxpayers. They were lucky. Permission is often refused.

    Ashley was convicted and sent to prison for 9 months. Of course, a little thing like that didn't stop him being an MEP and he continued to receive his salary and benefits while banged up before diving back into the trough on release. You don't get kicked off the gravy train unless you're jailed for over a year.

    Above the law and with no respect for either democracy or accountancy (the accounts have just been rejected for the 14th year in a row), our EUro masters go from strength to strength. I can see things coming to a head when some pi$$ed EUrocrat with the right friends is granted immunity for killing somebody.
  6. Now this may be before your time but..........................

    Taht ginger halfwit "welsh" dog droppings called niel kinnock stepped aside for another fcukwit from scotland to lead the liabor party.

    his gift from the liabor shirt lifters was over 10 years as a eu gravy train A lister. ask him what/how many TAX FREE pensions he gets?

    Shortly afterwards his wife became an MEP from wales = stupid welsh idiots. giving them the vote was not exectly the best decision.

    his son and daughter were soon employed by the eu in some form. daughter employed by mum for £38k per year as a secretary.

    i would not pees on anyone in this family if they were on fire. rather run to the next available petrol outlet and pay ANY PRICE for the petrol with a effing big smile.

    You may assume I do not like the kinnock gravy train family.
  7. .....there you go.... and some people on this forum think the EU is a good thing????????
  8. AM,if I remember correctly,that defender of the working man,Lord Pillock,er correction Kinnock had someone sacked for exposing fraud in the EU accounts when he was one of our Euro commisioners.

    Nice to see the socialist protector of the working man protecting our hard earned taxes from Euro fraud.Not.
  9. 'Waste and Fraud' - Sounds like the motto of the European Soviet Union.

    I wish I had a better knowledge of Latin, but: Vastus et Falacia may suffice.