Euro poll question revealed

It would appear the question will be:

"Should the United Kingdom adopt the euro as its currency?"

What is the betting the boxes you can select are:

  • Yes, immediately
  • Yes, within 12 months
  • Yes, within two years

Cynic? Moi?
I don't think it makes much difference because if the question was put like that everybody would be up in arms and the public, being cynical about Bliar and his bunch of no hoper lying theiving cnuts, would make themselves to look even more like cnuts, if that was possible. So by all means put that question.
Could we add an extra box please? Something along the lines of:
"No. Please go away Mr. Blair, and take your disease-ridden, decaying, piss-poor excuse for a government with you." :twisted:
You could. But knowing how Bliar et al look at the world they would read that comment as "Tony, you are the greatest Prime Minister in History and we hang on your every word".
Maybe we should all tell him we love him, his cabinet, and his decisions then. Hopefully he'll get spooked and run away! Huzzah! Huzzah for reverse psychology! :D
If only...
As much as i Love new labour what other choices do we really have? on that i am talking on HMF issues here, it is too late, too many actions in motion now, if you want to fight in a war for this government, please sign up with group 4 or eddie stobarts. the way things are going, most militant aorganisation in UK will either be Greenpeace or BNP!!
Three cheers for the Poles, but they had better watch out Chirac and his boxhead buddies have already made threatening noises about 'If the Poles know whats good for them.'
Those chaps were from "Vote 2004" which says it "is a pro-democracy coalition calling for a referendum on the European Constitution."

To visit their website, click on the poster below:


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