Euro or the Dollar

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by conco, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. It has been proven yet again that the Euro is the stronger currency, against the dollar! So in this day and age, isn’t about time that we as Europeans used the Euro on Tours? :idea:

    The Dollar has been decreasing in value every month since the Euro came into effect. :p

    Why haven’t we tried to impose our currency in the countries we visit and appear to stay longer than welcome (on most occasions)?

    These countries need a strong base currency to kick start their own, so why not ours instead of the Dollar?

    Yes i am a Brit and yes i prefer the Euro to the Pound! Lived on the main land Europe to long and find it better to use! :D :D :D
  2. I would love to enter into a long debate about the perceived benefits of remaining outside the influence of the Euro (as in currency) zone, but it is far too early so I will settle for this.

    Rod off you surrender monkey. :D
  3. Not another one of those dinosaurs living under the flag of the Pound, inches, feet and miles (even though you never got taught it at school)!

    HTB- In the real world have you ever used a 1/2 an inch to measure something instead of 13 mm. used a gallon instead of a litre??? Nope I doubt it! Unless you really are a dinosaur!

    When was the last time you heard (Sorry if you aren’t in the Mil) its 6 miles down the road instead of its 6 clicks away (I.E. KM).

    We as Europeans even got the septic military to use Metric instead of imperial!
  4. In answer to your questions - Yes to all.

    And no - I am not quite a Diplodocus - (although I am rapidly approaching that status)

    No I'm not a defender of imperial measures, weights whatever. I am, however, a defender of our right to choose what measure to use. I don't think the European issue would get me quite so exercised were it not for the fact that they tend to use a clubbing fist when implementing and later policing their edicts.

    I don't think your original (currency) issue holds a great deal of water as the New English Pound was decimalised in 1972 or so - it is quite easy to use, just a different exchange rate.

    No - the flag I live under - right or wrong - is the Union Flag. I am British and proud to be so. I see no place for us in a United States of Europe. God forbid, I think we have more in common with the colonials across the big pond than we ever will with the mish mash of characters that forms continental europe.

    Just my opinions you understand. 8)
  5. I don't go for long discussions on it.
    I am British
    The Pound is British
    ergo My currency is the pound.

    Long may it survive, especially as it seems to be far more stable than the euro.
  6. I like sterling and want to keep it. Having said that, the Euro does have its uses it makes European travel less hassle.
  7. It has nothing to do with convenience of spending Euros on holiday it is all to do with economy and the control a nation state has over it.

    Britain has the fourth biggest economy in the world and has full control of its own fiscal policies.

    I think we'll stick to the pound thankyou very much.
  8. Conco - I use imperial measures all the time, and sometimes use metric it depends what I'm doing. What I object to is people (usually not the brightest sorts anyway) telling me which ones to use.

    If imperial measurements are so useless why do people who were never taught them at school still use them.

    As to the benefits of the Euro, my local French supermarket has started putting prices in francs under the euro price.
  9. We don't use the Euro on Ops as we leave it to the Yanks to bring in shed loads of hard currency and not have to do it ourselfs, thus not duplicating an expansive and difficult job.

    makes sense to me.