Euro military police force set up

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Jan 24, 2006.

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  1. From The BBC:

    They will be sent to conflict zones where law and order has deteriorated but not completely broken down or where fighting has subsided and heavily armed troops are no longer needed.

    What? The NAAFI?
  2. We have had the IPTF and IPU for years though, this is surely just a more permanent organisation of what previously was a pretty ad hoc but existing organisation.
  3. It's a badge collecting & luncheon club (in my very humble opinion)
  4. Just the job for the League of Frontiersmen
  5. It's the EU wedge being slowly driven further in.
  6. It's not really anything new, the Carabinieri have been off making a nuisance of themselves all over the place for years, as have the French Gendarme, more as paramilitary police forces than MPs. Can't comment on the others but suspect the Spaniards at least have been upto similar.

    A bit of window dressing to make out that all the disparate, preening, but essentially useless national paramilitary police forces from mainland europe are, in their various self-interested national missions, indicative of a European identity.

    Utter tosh.
  7. Actually, if the future EUPOL are as effective as the expeditionary elements of the Carabinieri*, they will be a bloomin' useful force. The Carabinieri performance in Afghanistan circa 2002 was pretty damn impressive and even in the benign AOR of Bosnia they provide one of the more effective and efficient elements of a PKO. (They also have an excellent cook house, but thats another thing all together!)

    * They won't be.
  8. I can only presume that the Carabinieri I encountered on 3 successive tours of Kosovo spanning '02 to '04 were distinctly unrepresentative of the whole then, in one particular instance they proved themselves unable or rather unwilling to understand the importance of OPSEC and in a fit of pique created a potentially fatal breach of the same.

    If I want advice on creative facial hair I'll be sure to give them a call, otherwise I'll be looking elsewhere.
  9. Strut Jack,
    Smiled at the facial hair thing. In the 'Stan we were initially mega unimpressed with all the posturing and ballyhoo that seemed to accompany everything the Carabinieri did (and the blokes were not too impressed with the way they showered together). Nor, at first,were we too taken with the way that they went off on mobiles tooled up like Robo Cop, draped with grenades, more knives than a Swiss Army salesman and all that. But then we realised that they were putting in the hours, providing a credible and genuine QRF, establishing a good hearts and minds set with the locals - and doing it all in a second language. I suppose the capper for me was that they got a big tick in the box from the then head shed of 3** as well as the lads on the shop floor. Maybe they robbed Kosovo to field their tip top fellahs on a more demanding op?
  10. All part of Tony's Master Plan. Next up: Tony announces the formation of a new paramilitary force, the British Law Enforcement Agency. So we can "Take our place at the Heart of Europe."