Euro equivalent to Herc/Alliant 2400

Am trying to find the nearest Euro equivalent to 2400 for middle-of-the-road cast loads (for which 16gn is the standard load in full-size mil carts & 14ish in 7.62x39).

It seems that the closest are:

Vectan Ba6 (single-base cut tubular)
Vectan Sp3 (double-base flattened spherical)
Vit N110
Vit N105

Really, anything for M1 Carbine / hot .44Mag should do the trick, no?

I can also get Accurate powders, maybe No.9 or 5744 would do it?

Cannot give you the exact link 'cos its blocked on my work browser.
But has a table comparing Vectan powders to all other mainstream offerings which may give some ideas.