Euro Camp Holland?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by BanjoBill, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Anyone ever been to EuroCamp - 'Duinrell' in Holland?
    Me and the Missus have just booked the second week in June with 2 kids in a chalet (a not so glorified static), North Sea Ferry Crossing and car for £500. Seems like an absolute bargain.

    But just trying to get some independent feedback. Any tips etc... other places to visit. Will be heading to Arnhem/Oosterbeek for the day.
  2. Never actually been there but been in the area loads of times and you will sometimes find it hard to believe you are in the Netherlands as particularly in Katwijk aan Zee which is just down the road, there are loads of 'Zimmer frei' signs to attract the Germans who holiday there.

    A German will dig a hole on the beach and much like Poland, will claim it as his own and his exclusive property for the duration of the holiday. Wars have started over much less but if you want to go Dutch, the old "I want my bicycle back" usually goes down well as the Dutch not harbouring a grudge are still indignant that all bikes were confiscated during WWII.

    Nice area BB, have a good 'un.
  3. I actually worked at this site for Eurocamp when I was a young 'un. I was there for a few months and had a cracking time.
    The area of Wassanaar is very nice and is notorious in Holland for being rammed full of rich people (including rich and retired porn stars).
    Its well sited aswell to get into The Hague, Lieden and the Dam. I recommend Lieden because its very picturesque and lacks the bag heads of Amsterdam.
    The Atractie Park itself is nice and was well run when I was there. I'd avoid the water rides if you've got a dodgy heart! I still have "moments" to this day thinking about some of them.

    Anyway, hope you have a succesful holiday!
  4. Steven.

    Thanks... will take a look.

  5. For great bargains on carravan/cammping holidays go to French freedom or mathews holidays web site.

    We are going for 2 weeks in a caravan in france for 4 in June for 550 quid icluding ferry.
  6. Went there before Eurocamp took it over, only did a long weekend in a motorcaravan but it was a fantastic place. If your kids like swimming and slides you will have a great time. The challenge is to do all the tube slides head first. Go on I dare you.
  7. Just taking a look at my back-posts and came across this one. Was so good at Duinrell (Eurocamp) we went back another couple of times. Brilliant place, Wassenaar is a great little town too, locals are very friendly. Discovered while I was there that the first V2 bombs fired on London were launched from the woods to the side of the campsite... apparently the RAF bombed the sh1t out of the place, even so the locals remain very pro British - even saw a Union Flag flying outside a local bar.

    MV: Loved the slides.... went on one where I expected a quite long slide, but it tuned a right hand bend then descended almost vertically and only for a few seconds before spitting me out into a giant funnel, as I exited the tube I shouted at the top of my voice and with eyes tightly closed "fcuking hell!" only to open my eyes to see a group of people looking down on me from a balcony and laughing their guts out.

    Had to have a few more goes at that... best water slides I've ever come across, and the theme park was a 10.... especially for big kids like me.

    Highly recommend this place for anyone with kids.
  8. Went there last years , its fantastic. Didnt stay at Eurocamp but one of the other companys on the site.


    Okay so there is a water park with slides and stuff, there are fast rides and slow "lazy river" rides, its usually busy and your one or two hours free a day will be enough.
    Fun fair, its great and most of it is free, whats not free is cheap. Go on the tobogan ride, its worth the wait. There is a high ropes course, and a trim trail.

    Bars and restaurants.
    There are two or free bars and restaurants, I honestly woudln't go in them more than once, the all you can eat buffet was ok though for the 1st night.
    There's a onsite shopof course thats similar to the naafi.

    Offsite, go down town to Wassanaar, its only 20 minutes walk. Its got bars restuarants the lot, and a supermarket

    Well worth a trip is the Airbourne museam and the bridge to far bridge but guess you've already planned that

    *** Guess I should have checked the date eh ***