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Anyone know what gong you pick up for going to Bosnia as part of EUFOR (took over from SFOR). Is it Non 5? Or A EU medal? Or both?????
The medal that you receive is the Op ALTHEA medal - a dark blue ribbon with a central yellow stripe, with a bar annotated "ALTHEA". Hanging from the ribbon is a gunmetal grey chocolate coin, plain except for the EU stars around the edge (like the EU flag). On the reverse is the legend "PRO PACE UNUM" which means "Team EUFOR, F*ck Yeah!"

Currently, you are not allowed to wear the medal. Boo Hoo.
Keep your eyes on DCIs in the autumn.............Big Liz (Gawd Bless 'er) should have made the official decision by then.

Until then you may have been awarded it but it's only useful for the kiddies dressing up box
Any more word on this yet?

There is a nasty rumour going around my unit that the Gren Gds are pushing hard to wear the EUFOR medal as they have very few and it would look lovely on their tunics. They were the first BG to receive it. Watch this space......
Dirty, do you still need the answer then? The DCI was published 4 months ago authorising us to wear it.
Cutsy said:
I'm lead to beleive you get both the Non article 7 and EU Medal.
No. If you started under NATO in 2004 and then came under EUFOR when they took control of certain aspects in Dec 04, you may qual for ALTHEA and Non Article 5. The DIN is paraphrased in part below (apologies for full cut n paste, links sometimes don't work!)


The ESDP Medal (Op ALTHEA):
1. HM approves the unrestricted acceptance and wearing by UK pers of ESDP Medal with clasp ‘ALTHEA’ for headquarters and units serving in BiH on Op ALTHEA.
2.Qualifying Criteria:
a. must have served on Op ALTHEA within the geographical boundaries of BiH for a minimum 30 days uninterrupted service in theatre or, for aircrew, 30 sorties (at no more than one sortie per day) into BiH airspace.
b. The earliest qualifying date is 2 December 2004 (ie for those who were setting up ALTHEA in theatre during Nov 04 and hit day 30 on 2 Dec, so adv parties, HQ fwds etc).
3. Pers who serve on more than one tour of duty in the theatre can wear an Arabic numeral in white metal on the ribbon of their medal to indicate the number of tours that they have undertaken that in themselves meet the qualification conditions for the medal.
5. Qual service for the ESDP Medal will not count towards the qual criteria for the ACSM.
6. Right to accept and wear the Medal will be reviewed every 2 years.
7. The ESDP medal for Planning and Support of Op ALTHEA is not approved for wear (ie if you were sat in Mons etc). If the medal is
presented it may be retained as a keepsake only. The Ministry of Defence and the MOD Medal Office are unable to assist personnel in obtaining the medal (ie it was issued through HQ EUFOR in theatre).

Hope this helps!!
well done Squirt, just ahead of me! Dirty trooper, follow squirt's link and go to page 2, Solon_of_Athens' entry is the expanded version of mine. Hope that does the trick for you!

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