Eubank arrested after Iraq truck protest

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. Eubank arrested after Iraq truck protest
    Daily Telegraph
  2. That bloke lost the plot years ago, at the end of the day Harry wants to go and fair play to him.
  3. good to see he's still got his dress sense
  4. He's a bit of a loon admitted, but how exactly is that a breach of the peace? I do wonder whether we are descending into a police state at times. Whatever happened to the right to free speech?
  5. Would they have nicked him if he had 'Blair, you are a wonderful leader' written on the side?
  6. I suspect the focus of this protest is Eubank, Iraq comes a close second.
  7. Dear All,

    Unless there is more to the story than has so far been reported, how can this possibly be a 'breach of the peace'? I could understand careless driving, or driving without due care and attention, without road tax, with bald tyres etc, but assuming he had paid his congestion charge, on what grounds was he stopped by the Police, and how would this then lead to a charge of breach of the peace?

    I know there are some very tight new laws around the Westminster area, and whether they are right or wrong we'd all better remove the car stickers containing "witticisms" if we drive near Parliament.

    I have nothing for or against Mr Eubank, but I do find it difficult to believe that he was anything but courteous to the Police Officers, and the article states he was perfectly calm. Where is the breach of the peace?



    Assuming the above is accurate, does it not look like there might be a case for false imprisonment. Maybe even battery.

    If so, I hope Eubank takes it forward. IMO the police have lost it and it is time they are shaken up.

    Edit: And I seem to recall them doing squat when there was a crowd of people inciting murder in London.
  9. No, he'd have been sectioned.

  10. I think Chris should elect trail by combat :)
  11. One day we'll get it back.

  12. Gotta love 'im tho' anyone else would have "stop the war" or "liar blair" etc,etc.... :thumleft:
  13. He's lucky they didn't nick him on suspicion of being a terrorist. That's what happened to the old boy who shouted 'nonsense' at Jack Straw during the Labour conference a few years ago.
  14. No point - it would still go to the judges, there'd just be a delay of 12 very boring rounds first.