Euan Blair to join Sandhurst

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Outstanding, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. Not true but a great thought!!
  2. He'd never get past the selection board - no leadership potential (chip off the old block)
  3. But can you imagine how "senstive" the DS would have to be. Having 2 lawyers as parents!!
  4. Thats all we need... don't give him ideas ffs :pissedoff:
  5. It would help his "Legacy - you know"
  6. ha amusing thought though..

    blair offspring join a "tory organisation"

    cheers for the jokes.
  7. Perhaps a shoe in for Sword of Honour?
  8. And talking of jokes

    Headache...???......The perfect solution.....!!!

    Tony Blair emerged from the bathroom naked and was climbing into bed when his
    wife Cherie complained as usual, " I have a headache."
    " Perfect timing," her husband said." I was just in the bathroom powdering my manhood with aspirin.

    You can take it orally, or as a suppository, it's up to you!"

    Sorry could not resist! :)

  9. Two elephants fall off a cliff

    Boom Boom!!

    Ahhh thank you.... :bow:
  10. New Keyboard - this ones swimming!
  11. Is Sandhurst a regiment now?
  12. Why not, his dad leads one
  13. No but you still join Sandhurst, bit like going up to University?
  14. Hmm I understand under the next education reforms I believe its to become a University - ha ha ha :)
  15. Well in that case he couldn't go!