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Euan Blair MP?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BONNACON, Sep 7, 2013.

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  1. Puns like this are a slippery slope.
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  2. Yes I suppose one could say that.
  3. Gout Man

    Gout Man LE Book Reviewer

    The. Kinnocks. What a pair of nasty so and so's they are. I think they only step foot into Wales when there is an election on.
    And the way them two have milked Europe. God I dislike them on a grand scale but not quite as much as those Blair's.
  4. But it's usually those on the Left who moan about the whole hereditary principle, so you can level a charge of hypocracy against them too.
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  5. Quote from the tv film - 'Turks & Cacos' ( No2 in the Jonny Worrick triology)

    JW - " Whatever happened to that word - shame? "
    CW - " It went the same way as - honour "
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  6. Interesting survey on MPs and their family links done recently in the DT.
    Like all organisations there is always going to be the son following the father bit. Have a look at the Army at the moment, there are a number of senior officers sons surfacing (recent commissions) at least 5 Generals sons that I am aware of.
    Having served I followed my father in, who in turn followed his father. My son in turn seems to think it works for him as well!
  7. Outstanding quote and series,
  8. Is Kinnock Jr after a safe seat in Wales then?
  9. I've said for years that there is no merit in the party system, it merely feeds itself with the type that it needs to promote each one. Go to the right school, go to university to study politics and sociology/Law/Finance and find the right party. Start with council politics then get selected. Money, oodles of it helps. The concept of making a name for yourself is about as selfish as it gets. However I sense there is a glimmer when MPs actually hammer out what's in the best interests of a region, but that's usually connected with electability. Get rid of the party system and you might have a chance. AL a very wise man once told me the connection between shame and honour. You cant afford to have shame to get what you want and honour only becomes involved when defending the indefensible.
  10. Call me a moron, but if his missus is the PM of Denmark (and by all accounts fair totty), how is he going to square away family life in Denmark, looking after his constituency in Wales (doubt the missus will be spending much time in the constituency) and representing his constituents in Westminster?

    Or are my expectations of pollies far too high.......?
    1. Air travel
    2. Expenses
    3. Multiple residences
    4. Paid for with expenses.
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  11. Yers, however I do think that military service is a little different- ahem- hate to say this but it can be fatal.
  12. As are those sad tales of MPs dying on the job! I use for my source Michael Dobbs well researched history 'House of cards'!!!!!!!!!
    Flippancy aside I totally agree, son and heir copped a bullet on Herrick while with BRF, thankfully not fatal but still bloody sobering, for all concerned.
  13. You don't think anyone here wouldn't do a similar thing if they were in the same position?
  14. It may work for Tory wannabee's, but the trusted route now for our Labour types is; The schools academic, just get the right Uni (appears to be Oxford for the Left) to read PPE. SPAD it for a few years and write some speeches for the Grandee's. It doesn't hurt being a part-time Journo for a left-wing rag/mag or a 'think-tank' and then parachute yourself into a nice safe seat once the present incumbant decided the feel of Ermine is calling

    I do believe we'll hear they'll be a Lord Francis of Neath in the next 18 months