EU wipes England off the map

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mazur_UK, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. Not sure if it a Daily Wail wind-up blown out of proportion or if it is serious. Looks bad though.

  2. "Meanwhile eastern England is part of the "North Sea Region", which covers areas of Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Norway and the Netherlands."

    How nice of the EU to include countries that aren't even in the EU.

    On behalf of my Norwegian bretheren, I'm outraged!
  3. Utter, utter, utter bollox.

    A simple administrative tool to support trading initiatives. Absolutely no executive powers or authority. Typical non-democratic EU method of spending taxpayers money, and probably hopelessly inefficient.

    A threat to the UK? The Daily Mail sitting in a corner, muttering and rocking; sharpening knives and giving each knife a name........that shadow looks like the EU/an immigrant/terrorist/muslim, whatever drivel is the scare of the month.

    I despair.

    (edited for spolling)
  4. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Mazur, it might have been a long one this morning, but remember the Mail is for wiping, not reading.

    It's bullshit. The fact that, er, the map clearly shows areas labelled such as "South-East England" would suggest that it acknowledges England still exists. You can find any number of governmental, naval, cartographic, meteorlogical maps which don't label countries by national boundaries or names, it doesn't mean the revolution is coming.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Aaaah, halcyon days - just waiting for the whole of the EU to do a Yugoslavia.
  6. Old news, they ran the same atrical two years ago.

    or depending on your outlook


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  7. Speaking of Brussels and Belgium, the country shouldn't really exist. They really should just split it up between The Netherlands and France, it has no unique identity and I'm not well versed on the History of things but I don't think it's actually supposed to be there. Or something or the other.
  8. But the B on their cars is good for identifing bad/terrible drivers
  9. You talk as if this is a bad thing, is it?
  10. It looked like the new maps to be drawn up after Op Sealion had it been a successe. Kind of worrying if you ask me.
  11. So which paper do you suggest only tells the truth ? you may not like the Mail but it tells the truth as much or as little as any other paper, its style is different to say the bleeding heart lefty b*llocks nonce reading Guardian.

    The Guardian and it's ilk wrap their version of the truth up in sickly PC treacle whereas the Mail and it's ilk wrap their version in fascism. :wink:
  12. Excellent News! The EU can fcuk off if you ask me
  13. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'd agree about most papers, and the Guardian is also just a big firelighter as far as I'm concerned, but waving the word 'truth' around in close proximity to 'the Mail' is taking it a bit far. They blatently invent half the stories I see posted, and only display journalistic rigor if closely followed by 'mortis'.

    Would probably suggest that no papers really tell the truth, but the closest you are going to get (or at least, the most balanced set of biases) is the FT, or Times - but if you really want truth, you should probably be reading philosophy books, & not the news.