Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by johnboyzzz, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. 'Mandy' and the Lib-Dems are doing their utmost to keep Gordon in power until the summer recess, cause of D-C gets in at an early election and keeps his election promise to give the electorate the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, by the time parliament reconvenes after summer it will be to late and the Irish will have Voted 'Properly' and said 'YES' to the treaty.

    Which all just goes to show you just how undemocratic the whole European farce is, as they have the nerve to expect the Irish to ratify the whole process long before our David can throw a spanner in the works by letting the British fcuk it off.

    If those unelected bureaucrats in Brussels cut my disability pension by as much as one fecking pence I'll be leading a one-man march on parliament myself and anyone else will be welcome to join in.
  2. All the more reason to tell these unelected Kommie Kommizzar in Bruxxelles and Strasbourg to go and 'Shove pencilcs and other sharp objects' up their Bureaucratic Black Holes....

    Of course it will soon be a criminal offence to ..challenge, question, write about negatively, insult, research any EU Policy, MEP, employee, Kommie Kommizzars etc....

    The UK would be better off out of it. The mere fact of either Teflon BLiar or even McRuin as First Elected Emporer-Presidente of EUro-land makes me want to get on the 'Angry Bus' and go and demonstrate outside Number Ten.... But then, we are not allowed to that even....

    Nothering against European countries... Lived in Germany etc for many years...enjoyed it all.... its just those Kommie Kommizzars... such as the like of Mr Meddlesome and the Kerchingchucks when they were there trousering our cash..... :evil: :x
  3. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Point one. In it’s current form the proposal is designed to protect your pension fund by ensuring that any annuity you buy is fit for purpose (to provide an income until death) and fully funded.

    Point two. It also looks to ensure you actually have enough when you retire to buy an annuity by encouraging people not to take unnecessary risks with their fund.

    However, if you want to mess about with the last five years of your retirement savings by investing in ultra volatile funds simply to spite the EU then crack on. You are not obliged to take your insurer’s recommended funds normally and if they don’t offer a choice of investments you fancy then transfer to someone who will allow it. You may even see superior capital growth but is it worth in the last years of your pension? Only you can choose and the EU will NOT ‘cost you 20% of your pension’ and as such the thread title is misleading at worst.

    Point three. Does anyone actually read that scare sheet anymore? I’m guessing ‘Diana still dead’ stories are wearing thin now.

    Imagine someone trying to help you by regulating properly eh?
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I'm still trying to identify the biggest morons in UK:

    The morons who print provocative, innaccurate drivel.
    The morons who buy it and read it.
    The morons who believe it and propogate that belief elsewhere.....

    The sad thing is with all this ingrained BS for so long, the real debate never gets a look in.....
  5. Provocative scaremongering on both sides of the debate on the EU will ensure the real debate is swept aside, i for one think it is time for a simple yes or no referundum to remain within the EU as it stands today.

    The danger of something so simplistic as a referendum of course is voter apathy and the wrong desision being made Dependant on which side you stand but it would then at least give integrity government policy regardless of party.

    might finally kill the daily express off too, thus win win!
  6. What you mean is, unless the paper of your choice prints something it must be b*llocks :roll:
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    No, what I mean is that b*llocks is b*llocks - as pointed out by Sixty.

    As long as mongs keep lapping up this crap there can never be a reasoned discussion, and therefore a referedum disappears over the horizon.

    As long as the masses keep proving what gullible fckwits they are, the longer polititians will keep the complicated decisions from them.