EU trade chief warns of imminent action against Argentina

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunnoficarus, May 8, 2012.

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  1. Like she gives a flying fcuk! She'll just blame the colonialists and play her fiddle while Buenos Aires burns and whip her gullible countrymen into a frenzy of hate all the while stockpiling her own fortune in a Swiss bank (allegedly) and readying her plane for the big getaway when her country (once more) goes Pete Tong.
  2. Oh she'll be worried. The country is broke. They may have taken a small income stream from stealing ownership of this firm, but she has ensured that no outside investment will be forthcoming in the current environment. Who's going to invest anything in S. America when the tendency is for some countries to turn round and declare the fruits of that investment their won.

    She's got a short term gain for a long term loss of investor confidence.
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    She shouldn't have nicked YPF from Repsol then.

    She's obviously been reading "How to Lose Friends and Piss Off People" in her copious spare time.
  4. I'm returning all my rusty Fray Bentos empty pie tins to her in a parcel marked "postage will be paid by the recipient!" That will ****ing well learn her!
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  5. Bluntly, the sooner it all goes tits up for them, the better. Perhaps then, they will get rid of her and get someone hopefully a lot more sensible in to run the place. That is, if there is anybody?
  6. Good for her! There should be a lot more countries doing the same and finally getting something worthwhile from their own resources, instead of all the profits being taken out of the country. I hope her actions trigger many more of the same sort.

  7. Fray Bentos is Uruguayan.
  8. Loving your Irish idea of economics. Would you give any more money to a bank that suddenly seized your savings account and said "this is ours now"? And when they eventually run out of money because nobody would invest in the bank, and all their employees are sacked, is that the bank saved?

    Foreign investment funds industry, provides jobs and tax for the government. No investment, no industry, no jobs..... country f**ked. Nice one Einstein.
  9. You seem to have forgotten that Repsol and the Spanish banks poured a ton of cash into Argentina. Now they have taken back their resources but have not paid back the money to the companies who put the money in. Spain is, to put it bluntly, in shit street and the loss of this could be the final straw. Bankia, the 3rd largest bank in Spain, has gone to the wall and has had to be nationalised with a 10 billion euro bail out by the government. If KFC pays back all the development costs and research money paid then, fine, take back their own resources. But don't expect foreign countries to pay a shedload of cash to develop these resources and then simply take control of them.
  10. Exactly, imagine her surprise!
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  11. Will this include an embargo on her plastic surgery?
  12. To be fair they've knocked out some good tunes over the years and a few good musicals.
  13. That's the most pathetic troll/waah I've seen in a long time.


    Couldn't you come up with anything better?

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  14. Yeah, but all property is theft, innit!

    Just remember Bugsy the great plastic paddy socialist financial genius failed remedial one potato, two potato......