EU to scrap UKs opt-out of 48 Hr Week


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Well, they (the Frogs and other southern european idle bastards), want to stop the UK from letting people work when they want.

How will this affect the TA, as we are, apparently, 'casual' workers :evil:

will I not be able to work a Weekend, and then go to work?

It's bad enough coping with Driver's Hours legislation - this would be yet another nail in the TA's coffin.

Any employment Law experts out there?
Yeah this is totally crap. When is the planned legislation going to be implemented?

I think the British government are aware that this would destroy the TA if it was enforced rigorously.


The Govt will probably deem it your responsibility to ensure you comply with the regulations, this will also mean no night time stagging on, anyone considered that yet!
Personally I am for it, in my Industry we have worked long hours for many years and all I ask is a fair weeks wage for a fair days work!
The TA and all other reserve armed forces would be exempt from the 48 hour week, as they are for the professions were the 48 hour week has already come into force.
I agree with Old Snowy's casual labour arguement, were not proper part of the armed forces so the exemption won't apply to us.

Also means her indoors needs to stop looking after the 3 young uns and go out and get a job - eh that means I have to!!!!! Looking after kids all weekend compared to going to TA, I know which is easier :twisted: :twisted:

Stop blaming the Frogs and co, IT WAS LABOUR MEP's THAT VOTED FOR IT!
It may have been Labour MEP's that voted for it, but apparently people at the top told them not to-since it's going to mess up a lot of business' and make it harder for britain to be 'globally competitive'. Someone in Brussels obviously managed to persuade them otherwise-now it's going to a vote of the member countries, if they pass it then Britain will have no choice.
I've met plenty of people who, when taking into account travel time related to work (ie from their base office to a customer location), frequently end up doing > 57hours a week, and only get paid for 37 of them-no overtime payment available, additionally their manager/customer may well want them to work a weekend to get the work finished on schedule (an unrealistic one). Sure some of them might get an unofficial day in lieu but it's not the norm.
How will it affect the forces? If we work the 40 odd hours in our contracts(reality is probably far more), then go away for a weekend with the TA resulting in a half days pay for Fri, and two days Sat and Sun (1 working day = 8 hours right?) then that's atleast 60 hours for the week.. Plus drill nights. Not to mention the extra time since the forces work 24hours, not just 8 of them. There's gota be some kind of get out clause for das Army/Navy/Crabs.

Imagine the picture Bde FTX, Saturday night - "Sorry Sir can't do stag/patrol/run det/defend myself, already worked my 48". "Alright then TA_S hand your rifle in and you just go and mong it in the Sprout tent over there then".



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