EU to operate own drones

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Wordsmith, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. Wordsmith

    Wordsmith LE Book Reviewer

    It seems the EU wants to operate its own drones as part of a nascent EU armed force set up.

    EU planning to 'own and operate’ spy drones and an air force – Telegraph Blogs

    Wonderful - yet another move towards the United States of Europe. Roll onn a referendum so we actually get a change to vote on whether we approve of this empire building or not.

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  2. Only in the EU would we see an armed force set up by an ex vice chair of CND..

    You could not make this stuff up!
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  3. I doubt they'll be any use. If Europes involved in this then they'll be so many committees involved to ensure that everybody is happy they'll never get used.

    Incidentally, what's the legality of a non nation state collecting Int? It comes across as all very SPECTRE & THRUSH.

    But echoing your sentiments, roll on the referendum. If they're up to shit like this with out democratic accountability even the Guardian readers and Lib Dems should be in uproar over it. (But they won't be)

    Have we had any movement on their desire to be on the UN Security Council yet?
  4. “The Edward Snowden scandal shows us that Europe needs its own autonomous security capabilities, this proposal is one step further towards European defence integration,” said a senior EU official.

    Meanwhile, across the Pond in Ft Meade, they are laughing their socks off.
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  5. Who's exactly going to be paying for this?
  6. Do you pay taxes in the UK?
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  7. Doesn't matter, the NSA must be rolling on the floor in hysterics at the idea that Baroness Ashton and her band of village idiots think they can just buy some drones and satellites and spy on the Yanks.

    Its the evesdropping equivalent of the local mong in his Corsa getting jealous of the guy with a garage full of Ferrari F50's and going down to Halfrauds to buy some Fast Car gear to show him up.

    And then of course, there is the little problem of things like RAF Menwith Hill, the biggest? NSA listening post outside the USA.
    Ashton and co need to get over themselves, they don't speak English so will always be the window lickers with their faces stuck to the Five Eyes window wondering what we're up to.
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  8. I recall posting up the initial EU plan for border security during the headless chicken panic about Club Med being flooded with orc like hordes out of Libya. Drones where a prominent part of it.

    Given the UK's obsession with surveilling it's population I'm sure we are well ahead of Baroness Ashton and the demon spawn of Brussels in these things. Indeed it's exactly the sort of thing the Brits might be a key instigator of.
  9. Considering the Germans could not get clearance to fly Eurohawk within the EU, what chance do they have and whose going to build the UAVs or are they going to buy them off General Atomics.
  10. Who's side will you be on?
  11. What are you so concerned about?

    It's just more lazy and disingenuous journalism stoking up outrage based upon nonsense. Seems it worked with you!

    From the beginning, paras 1 and 2:
    So is it a new "intelligence and security agency" or "an independent EU military body". Fukking make your mind up Bruno!

    By para 3, he seems to have made up his mind:
    But what's "new" about this? Why do you have to "create" something that already exists?

    After 6 (or is it 10) years in Brussels reporting on EU affairs, you'd have thought dear Bruno would have heard of the EUMS (EU Military Staff) by now!

    Still, good on the Telegraph to expose the deluded, the ignorant and the desperate-to-be-outraged rabble once again. :)
  12. I can only speak for myself, but the one that promotes a democratic system. i.e. not Europe.

  13. And after having worked with many of those European Nations, I'm going to have to say thanks, but no thanks.

    I'm still convinced that the reason why the EU didn't put a battlegrop into Libya was because it would've been the Balkan Battlegroups turn.

    On a more serious note. As I don't recognise the EU as a legal entity, can I be forced to serve in a European Battlegroup?
  14. Hmm.. under the control of Baroness Ashton, is she trying to take over the whole of the EU's establishment bit by bit. She is already in charge of foreign & diplomatic affairs, trying to set up EU embassies everywhere at huge expense, even though they would be totally redundant. If you google the creature, "warning shockingly hideous photos will be revealed", you can see she is not only earning a small fortune similar to that of the president of the USA but claiming huge expenses such as the £180,000 armoured limo bought earlier this year. The sooner we get out of this profligate lunatic asylum the better!
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