EU to include North African and Russia?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HH_2, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. Clicky

    Yet another piece of bollocks from new liarbour
  2. Jaysus, the Eurovision Song Contest would go on for nearly 24 Hrs if that happened !!!
  3. North Africa ? Russia ? Corrupt enough I reckon - vote 'em in.

    Oh! Sorry Moderator - as an 'Oxygen Thief' , I am not permitted a view.
  4. It's actually quite smart - having Turkey, Russia and North Africa in would definitely wreck the eurocrat's plans for any meaningful EU state. It could be the best possible outcome for those who don't want European meddling.
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Just shows he is even more clueless about international affairs on his doorstep, than that stupid woman responsible for affairs within UK.

    Bring on an election, Brown's has handed out spades to the only people who could have pulled him out of his hole....
  6. Just how far does he want the borders of the EEC stretch, with say the Far East joining forces, and the Americas working more closely, has he read 1984? or thought its a training memoir
  7. There's enough third world crap in the EU without letting Africa & Russia in. FFS how can Africa be part of Europe.
  8. Makes you wonder about the teaching of geography. Has anyone actually pointed out the borders of the continent of Europe to these numpties?
  9. correct me if im wrong but i thought north africa was not europe, even the french gave up on that idea or is it really thier idea to claim back algeria which has more extremist than most other places, this world is going fcuking mad and our goverment is way near the front
  10. Maybe the plan is to combat terrorism by slowly increasing the size of the EU until it covers the whole world, then instead of having to attack us to try and turn us into a muslim state they can just vote it in the EU parliament.
  11. This quote from him is a classic
    Nearly fell off my chair from laughing so much, and he is classed as a Liarbour bright star is he 8O .
  12. Anything about Turkey keeping its promises to us?

    Definitions of club:
    1. A blunt instrument used to hit people round the head with
    2. a place which you pay to get into and then get drunk.

    So he's got that right, then.

    Edited to add: I seriously hope that the FCO see the EU as slightly more than just 'a club'.

    Fair point.

    [quote="HH_2]Yet another piece of balls from new liarbour[/quote]

    Nuff said
  13. Whilst I don't really favour the idea of allowing countries from the Maghreb or Russia in to the EU, how about some sort of half way house? I'm thinking something along the lines of the European Economic Area but with the movement of persons section specifically not included, basically a free trade zone.
  14. If they become part of Europe.... Does that mean that they will have a right to cross UK borders and work within the UK without border controls and immigration?