EU Time, new regulations.

Standard European Time Harmonisation.

As you know, in June 2007 we shall all be a single community, with a single business market, and to facilitate the most productive and efficient use of working hours within the EU, plans are now well under way to implement the decimalisation of time.

The old Imperial system of 60 seconds to a minute, 24 hours to a day and 7 days to an Imperial week is riddled with inconsistencies and in need of reform.

The new system, to come into effect on June 1st 2007, is to be called "Eurotime" and will offer a very simplified decimalised time programme, with 10 Euroseconds to the Eurominute, 100 Eurominutes to the Eurohour, 10 Eurohours to 1 Euroday and 10 Eurodays to 1 Euroweek. Further to this there will be 10 Euroweeks to 1 Euromonth and 10 Euromonths to 1 Euroyear. Decades will remain unchanged.

As the Euroyear will be composed of 10 as opposed 12 months, months will be standardised and known as Le Euromonth 1, Le Euromonth 2 and so on.

While converting to the new time system, you will be able to easily reckon the Eurotime equivalent of the old Imperial time by simply multiplying the number by 12.374 and then dividing the result by 4.42 and subtracting 7.

All public clocks will be changed by 1st June 2007.
Fookin' hell armourer - just getting used to the bustard decimal money!!


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Sounds similar to the Roman way of doing things circa J. Ceasar et al.
"Decimal Time" was a 1st April wind-up on the old Nationwide regional news programme years back - I remember they had even filmed some new decimal clocks on a town hall and a few other high street locations. Lots of viewers bit.

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